Where Is The Cheese Chopper From Shark Tank Today?

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Tate Koenig's mission was simple, as he explained on ABC's "Shark Tank." He loved cheese and wanted an easier, quicker way to slice and grate blocks of it. Koenig loved cheese so much, in fact, he nicknamed himself "Mister Cheese." He explained that he preferred to purchase blocks of cheese for their affordability and quality, but that left him needing to slice or grate it every time he wanted some cheese. He was tired of storing his leftover blocks of cheese in plastic bags, Tupperware containers, or wrapped in saran wrap.

So, Koenig invented The Cheese Chopper. The device comes with three handle options. A wire cutter helps create thin slices of cheese. A blade chops thicker, harder cheeses with ease. The grating blade creates long, thin shreds of cheese, perfect for sprinkling on top of your favorite dishes. The device even has an adjustment wheel to roll the cheese block into position, ensuring you get the perfect thickness with every slice. Plus, it has an airtight seal, allowing you to store your cheese inside and keep it fresh.

Koenig wanted to promote and expand his company, so he took his product to "Shark Tank."

The Sharks tested the Cheese Chopper

The Cheese Chopper's founder Tate Koenig appeared in Season 12, Episode 20 of "Shark Tank." Koenig sought a $75,000 investment, offering 10% of his company in exchange. Koenig brought Cheese Choppers for the Sharks to try out, but they had some technical difficulties. Barbara Corcoran's adjustment wheel popped off, but was able to be snapped on. Lori Greiner's wire cutter came out as she was trying to test it out — though Koenig explained that should happen, making it easy to swap handles.

At the time of his appearance, Koenig explained that the product had earned $125,000 in pre-orders via its Kickstarter campaign, though the company had not yet begun shipping its products. Mark Cuban was concerned the products had not reached customers yet, so he opted out of investing. Kevin O'Leary also craved customer feedback, and didn't agree with the sale price. He did praise the storage aspect, but it wasn't enough for him to invest. Guest Shark Kendra Scott suggested further testing the product, but she didn't invest in it.

Greiner thought there would be success in The Cheese Chopper's future, but felt it was too early to invest, so she opted out. Corcoran praised Koenig's push to promote his produc, but noted that some people have multiple cheeses. She couldn't imagine people wanting to purchase multiple Cheese Choppers solely for storage. Because she personally wouldn't purchase the product, she was out. Ultimately, Koenig left without a deal from any of the Sharks.

The company persevered on its own

Despite leaving without financial support from the "Shark Tank" investors, The Cheese Chopper is still going strong today. On its website, it sells for $39.99. It also has an Amazon storefront, making it easy for customers to purchase its product.

Tate Koenig didn't let the initial rejection deter him. He returned to "Shark Tank" in Season 14, Episode 1 to promote his new product, the Pizza Pack, and walked away with an investment from Lori Greiner — despite a few other Sharks wanting in on the deal. Greiner got 13% of the company in exchange for a $100,000 investment.

Despite Pizza Pack's success, Koenig has never given up on the Cheese Chopper. Its website also sells reusable, collapsible storage and meal prep containers — perhaps inspired by Barbara Corcoran's comments on the show regarding storage for multiple cheeses. If you're just as passionate about cheese as Koenig is, the website also sells tee shirts and walnut coasters decorated with cheese-related puns.