Why You Should Consider Storing Ice In A Sealed Container

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If you like to have a lot of ice on hand for drinks and smoothies, then you know that you have to make a lot of it to be able to have a lot of it. Whether you have an automatic ice maker or are making ice the old-fashioned way in ice trays, you need to have your ice ready to go when needed. This means that you need some receptacle to hold your ice to build a good supply.

This may be easier to manage if you have an automatic ice maker built into your freezer because you already have a door receptacle to hold the ice. If you are using ice trays or want more ice than what your freezer is designed to fit in the door container, you will need to buy a bin that can hold more — and you should get a sealed one.

Uncovered ice can taste gross

If you have ever used a bin or an uncovered ice tray in your freezer, you know that the ice sometimes absorbs smells, which can ruin your ice and make your beverages taste a bit off. According to Clemson University by way of WISTV 10 News in Columbia, SC, ice cubes provide a surface that attracts odors. Cold surfaces absorb odor faster than warm surfaces, so any cubes stored in an ice bin or an open tray will absorb any air-borne smells inside your refrigerator or freezer. Imagine the taste of rotting fruit melting in your iced tea — gross!

Then there's the risk of drips and spills. Accidents happen, and unprotected ice cubes can be victims of liquids that may be accidentally spilled in your freezer. Then, of course, there's the freezer burn, a taste you do not want in your drinks. According to Food Republic, uncovered ice that stays in a tray or bin for more than two weeks can get freezer burn, and it should be thrown away because it will not taste right.

How to cover your ice

Lifehacker says there is a solution for this unsavory problem, though — a simple freezer bag. Of course, you can purchase ice bins with lids to help keep odors out, but some of those can get pricey. Standard resealable freezer bags are perfect if you need a quick, cheap, and on-hand solution. One good part is that freezer bags are already designed to be used in the freezer, and they protect your ice cubes against odors, spills, and freezer burn. You can then place this bag of ice in the door bin, regular bin, a covered bin, or just in the freezer — wherever you like!

If you want to spend money on specialized bags, Amazon sells ice cube bags. These work just like an ice tray, but they are sealed, and the water freezes to ice inside the bag, which is divided into cube shapes. But if you don't want to spend extra money on your ice, a regular ol' freezer bag will do the trick.