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Where Is Snacklins From Shark Tank Today?

Pork rinds (AKA cracklings) are quite a beloved snack, but not everybody can eat them. Former radio personality Samy Kobrosly, for example, couldn't eat pork due to his Islamic faith (via Snacklins). So, by combining mushrooms, onions, and yuca, Kobrosly created a low-calorie, vegan plant rind that's just as airy, crunchy, and scoopable as the pork variety. Even when stacked up against their competition, these rinds have less sugar than similar snacks like Doritos, Lay's, and Pirate's Booty, giving Snacklins a healthy appeal.

In Season 11, Episode 4 of "Shark Tank," the Snacklins creator requested $250,000 in exchange for a bite-sized 2.5% stake. Kobrosly's offer shocked the Sharks, and it also surprised them that he had built his own factory — a risky endeavor in the snack trade. However, Kobrosly explained he only owned 30% of the company, as loved ones and even employees also owned stakes, so he could only give away so much equity. Plus, he wanted to create American jobs with his food-manufacturing facility. The sharks liked that, as well as Snacklins' taste and nutritional value. Even more than that, though, they liked the millions of dollars it did in sales and the fact that retailers such as Whole Foods and 7-Eleven carried Snacklins. Ultimately, while the other Sharks politely declined, Mark Cuban saw Snacklins' potential. So, Kobrosly and Cuban struck a $250k-for-5% deal plus 5% advisory shares for Cuban. Did this turn out to be a good investment?

Snacklins survived unprecedented times

"I'm living the American dream!," Kobrosly declared towards the end of his television appearance. "I'm a Muslim first-generation American," he elaborated, "who is now pitching a vegan pork rind on 'Shark Tank.'" That somewhat surreal dream didn't end as he walked off-set. In fact, it would get better and better — mostly.

As reported by the Detroit Jewish News, Kobrosly's conveniently-kosher snack company was able to hire more staff in the wake of its TV debut. Plus, the brand started spreading from the East and West Coasts into the Midwest. Additionally, while the business already offered a variety of flavors (Teriyaki, Nacho, Chesapeake Bay, and Barbecue), its success also meant the venture was looking to expand that roster, including limited editions and variations inspired by foreign cuisine.

Not everything went flawlessly, however. Like so many other companies, Snacklins struggled with retail during the pandemic. So, per Forbes, the business decided to rebrand by introducing bulk packages and updating its e-commerce site. Snacklins also honed in its visual identity, partnering with a creative agency to make stylized mouths a fun through-line in their mouthwatering marketing. So, was all of that enough to make Snacklins survive into the post-pandemic era?

Snacklins is still crackalackin

Kobrosly continues to thrive and Cuban's investment appears to have indeed paid off. All of Snacklins' flavors can be found on the company's website, though some, like the new Cinnamon Churro, are sold out. That may speak to some sort of supply issue, but more likely, it means demand is healthy. After all, Snacklins can also be found for e-sale on Amazon and on the shelves of retailers such as Walmart. Kobrosly attributes much of this success to "Shark Tank."

Snacklins was featured on the show a second time during Season 13 Episode 5, where Kobrosly reflected in the company's update, sharing that prior to being on the show, "we could barely keep up with production, we were still doing everything by hand, and on top of that, we weren't even a profitable company." After the show, however, Snacklins received more sales in one week than it had ever gotten before. In order to meet that strong demand, the company tripled its workforce and expanded its operating space. Now, the brand is in 25,000 stores across the country, and the profits keep on rolling in.

"You're really creating a great experience for everybody," Cuban told Kobrosly during the update. "And for me as a shark," he continued, "this is a great investment!" Kobrosly still calls Snacklins the American Dream, believing such success is only possible in a country like the United States. The freedom to eat healthy, non-pork rinds truly is a beautiful thing.