Where Is Jica Foods From Shark Tank Today?

Like many people who appear on ABC's "Shark Tank," Xin Wang and Melissa Colella-Wang's journey into entrepreneurship started when they became passionate about something that others know little about. While on a trip to Mexico in 2015, the couple discovered the vegetable known as jicama. Originating in South America, jicama is a root vegetable that is described to taste similar to apples and potatoes. It is a nutrient-packed veggie, filled with vitamin C and potassium, and it's also low in calories, sugars, and carbohydrates.

While they enjoyed it during their vacation, they were disappointed upon arriving back in the United States when they realized the root vegetable wasn't as readily available. This disappointment led them to create their own line of jicama products called Jica Foods. As they were starting their business in 2015, the couple sold jicama chip sticks at local farmer's markets. Although they saw some success with this venture, financial struggles eventually led them to pivot the brand from chips to fresh-cut jicama.

Prior to appearing on "Shark Tank," Jica Foods could be found in 700 stores, including Whole Foods and Sprouts, according to the entrepreneurs' pitch. Is that enough for the Sharks to bite and help expand the company?

Jica Foods stuck in the middle of a deal duel

Jica Foods' founders sought $300,000 for a 3% ownership in the company on Season 14, Episode 10 of "Shark Tank" (via YouTube). As the Sharks tried the products, Guest Shark Gwyneth Paltrow said she understood the appeal of jicama, as it's part of the growing health food craze.

When Barbara Corcoran asked for profit figures, the entrepreneurs offered a complicated answer. Xin Wang said Jica Foods started out selling jicama chips, making $500,000 in sales. However, they were losing money amid a competitive market, accumulating $700,000 in credit card debt. The company pivoted its focus to fresh-cut jicama in 2019, producing sales of $1 million. Year after year, the company saw increased sales, ultimately culminating in $6 million in 2022, the year before its "Shark Tank" appearance. However, profits were expected to be a mere $400,000 at the time of the pitch, which led to some skepticism from the Sharks.

Kevin O'Leary said he didn't believe any Sharks would take on the entrepreneurs' proposed deal. All Sharks except for "Mr. Wonderful" and Corcoran dropped out. Corcoran offered $300,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company as well as a pro-rata distribution. The duo countered the same deal, offering a 5% stake, which Corcoran quickly rejected. O'Leary offered the same proposal for 9%. This led to a contentious bidding war between the two Sharks and a back-and-forth with the entrepreneurs. In the end, Corcoran and Jica Foods reached a deal of $300,000 for a 6% stake, plus 3% in advisory shares and a pro-rata distribution.

Jica Foods continues to expand

The Jica Foods episode of "Shark Tank" aired on January 6, 2023, and while there hasn't been enough time for a "Shark Tank" Update segment about the company's progress to air, we can tell you a few things about the business anyway. Today, Jica Foods sells regular and cilantro-lime flavored jicama sticks, wraps, and salsas, with flavors ranging from pineapple to mild and hot, per its website

On the show, Barbara Corcoran touted that she is experienced with sales and marketing tactics. While the company has Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, it appears Jica Foods is most active on its Instagram. Jica Foods posts consistently and has amassed over 8,000 followers. However, its Facebook and Twitter accounts haven't been active since January 2022.

In addition to Sprouts and Whole Foods, Jica Food products are sold at a variety of retailers, including Vons, Pavillions, and Albertsons (via Facebook). However, despite being in physical locations, it doesn't seem like Jica Foods products can be purchased on the company's website or Amazon.