What Makes Layered Brownies Unique (And So Delicious)?

TikTok is at it again with genius ways to upgrade your favorite foods, and if you love brownies, it's your lucky day because a new and improved way to make them has gone viral. You're probably used to making (and eating) brownies that have just one layer — and maybe a few chocolate chips sprinkled in. But you might rethink how you make your favorite dessert when you see how TikTok users are layering their brownies.

Layered brownies are trending thanks to their viral popularity on TikTok (per Lifehacker). They're exactly what they sound like — brownies with multiple layers of ingredients and layer upon layer of flavor to match. These brownies don't just look sophisticated; they apparently taste incredible, too — one TikTok user mentioned all of the "words of affirmation" she got when she shared her layered brownies. If brownies are your love language, try layering them for an unforgettable take on a classic treat.

How to make layered brownies

Making layered brownies isn't as difficult as you might think, but if you use TikTok's strategy, it does involve a delicious extra step. You'll need Biscoff spread and Nutella. (If you haven't used Biscoff spread before, it's a worthwhile buy.) Spread Biscoff evenly over parchment paper, then spread Nutella over another square of parchment paper. Freeze both the Biscoff and the Nutella (per The Kitchn).

When the two spreads are freezing, it's the perfect time to make your brownie batter. After you've finished the batter — you can either use store-bought batter or make your own if you're feeling adventurous — take the frozen parchment paper layers out of the freezer. According to TikTok, to get your brownies ready for the oven, you'll spread a layer of the brownie batter evenly over the pan, top it with the frozen Nutella, spread another layer of batter, then top it with the frozen Biscoff. You'll add one more layer of brownie batter to the top before sticking your brownies in the oven to cook. Once they're done and cooled off, you'll have delicious brownies with extra sweetness.

Other layered brownie variations to try

If you love the layered brownie recipe that's taken over TikTok but want to branch out, there are plenty of other tasty ingredients you can layer into your brownies. Not all of the ingredients require the freezer technique, but they're still just as delicious as the ones that do.

There are so many layered brownie recipes that finding some to satisfy your taste buds will be a breeze. You can make peanut butter brownies by layering a peanut-butter-and-sugar filling and a chocolate glaze on top of your favorite brownie recipe (via Yellow Bliss Road). If peanut butter isn't your thing, you can instead try layering your brownies with Oreos and Biscoff cookies by alternating the layers of brownie batter with a layer of each cookie (per AllRecipes). Cookie dough and Oreo brownies are another delicious option — just put a layer of cookie dough and then a layer of Oreo cookies in a baking dish before covering the layers with brownie batter (via Kevin & Amanda). You'll love this cookie-flavored brownie masterpiece if you're a cookie fan. No matter how you make layered brownies, they're the fresh take on a classic treat that's always worth trying.