Gordon Ramsay Is Spreading Valentine's Day Love With Red Velvet Brownies

You only have to take a minute to watch one of the many YouTube Gordon Ramsay insult compilations to realize the chef isn't exactly known for spreading love. We mean, aside from calling countless cooks donkeys, Ramsay even told one poor chef that his dead grandmother could make a better Caesar salad than him. But it seems when Valentine's Day comes along, even Ramsay can't help but get into the loving spirit — or at the very least, make some really tasty and love-inspired recipes for the holiday.

In 2022, Ramsay played cooking cupid by creating a two-part YouTube series that taught viewers how to make Valentine's Day perfect dishes ranging from juicy oven-roasted duck to rose-red beef root risotto. And this year, the chef got into the V-Day spirit in the first week of February by revealing on Instagram that he's perfected a recipe for red velvet brownies. As Refinery 29 notes, the chef's well-known "World's Best Brownies" recipe has a "velvety" and "sophisticated" quality and this February 14-inspired take on the classic dessert promises to be just as delicious. However, while these brownies are a chocolate dream complete with beautiful red, almost heart-like swirls, getting the exact recipe for the treats may be a challenge.

You'll have to fight for your right to get Gordon Ramsay's V-day red velvet brownie recipe

In the caption of Gordon Ramsay's Instagram post, the chef reported that baking and savoring his red velvet brownies will make you feel like "love is in the air." However, although Ramsay posted a reel that showcased what ingredients he used to prepare the V-Day dessert, he didn't reveal its exact recipe. So how can you get your hands on it? According to Ramsay, you'll have to play his freshly debuted mobile game Chef Blast.

As U.S. Magazine reports, in this game, you can solve puzzles to earn exclusive recipes. And the in-depth instructions for making these red velvet brownies (alongside the recipes for other delicious sounding eats like strawberry shortcake and grilled fish tacos) can only be accessed after you complete a certain number of levels. However, while you won't be able to get the by-the-book recipe for this romantic batch of brownies without putting your puzzle skills to the test, you can use the reel Ramsay posted on Instagram as a general guide for making the treat.

Make Gordon Ramsay's many red velvet desserts

In the video, Gordon Ramsay starts off by melting butter and chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water before pouring in what appears to be condensed milk. Then, he mixes the melted ingredients with brown and white sugar, vanilla, and eggs before adding in a mix of what may be flour, baking powder, and cocoa. After he finishes off the brownie portion of the treat, Ramsay makes the red velvet part of the dessert by combining milk, cream cheese, and red food dye.

Then, with all the ingredients assembled, he makes the treat's red velvet swirls by pouring the brownie batter into a pan, then adding dollops of red velvet icing on top of the mixture. Finally, he takes a thin stirring stick and gradually swirls the cream cheese icing into the brownies. And that's all you have to do to create a heart-throb of a dessert that will make everyone want to be your valentine.

However, if you aren't a fan of eyeballing recipes, luckily one Ramsay lover has posted their own versions of some of the chef's other romantic red velvet treats on a website dedicated to recreating his dishes. Of course, you can always opt to make Ramsay's simple but sweet red velvet cake with chocolate icing. But if you and yours really love brownies, then you probably want to try the chef's Oreo red velvet version of the fudgy treat.