How To Properly Prepare The Perfect Cocktail For Bath Time

There are so many ways to unwind. You may enjoy reading a good book, going for a long walk down a nature trail, or (our personal favorite), indulging in a comforting meal. We firmly believe that you should give yourself the space to experience these little luxuries whenever you have the time. 

One of the all-time highest forms of relaxation is the unmatched combination of a perfectly made cocktail and a steaming hot bath. If only we could have a taste of that one fizzy bath bomb-style cocktail from Norwood Club in New York City. It sounds like it would be perfect for this kind of occasion.

With Valentine's Day coming up — now may be the perfect time to treat yourself to this special taste of luxury. But hold on, making the decision to fix yourself a nice drink for an equally heavenly soak in the tub isn't all that easy. There are a few things to consider, like how fast a cold drink might melt in a hot and moist environment. Luckily, we can shed some light on how to properly prepare the perfect cocktail for bath time.

Curate the perfect cocktail for the bath

A few experienced bartenders shared their top tips and pick for sipping on something in the tub (via Epicurious). And most can agree, an annoying problem that comes with a drink in the bath is the inevitable melting of the ice. To avoid anything watered down, food writer Maggie Hoffman recommends freezing a bit of the cocktail you choose in an ice cube tray in advance. Now melting just means more drink. Brilliant. 

As far as the drink itself, bartender Drew Record recommends matching your cocktail to the scent of your bath salts and scrubs for a truly immersive experience. For him, that usually calls for something with mint. "A nice cold julep makes a great counterpoint to a hot bath and almost feels like you are in the drink with all the fresh mint smells swirling around," he said. And if you're all for matching with your bath, popping open a bottle of bubbly like Prosecco would be a great way to do just that.

Christina Turley, the owner of Turley Wine Cellars, suggests a martini. "Like a martini, taking a bath seems too indulgent, too expensive, too lazy. So combining the two feels like the most louche thing imaginable and I couldn't love it more," she said (via Epicurious). If you're worried about the high temperature and alcohol combo being too dehydrating (per Coveteur), just stick with a tasty mocktail. 

Some of the best food pairings for your soak

Whether you want a relaxing night in for yourself, or you're looking for the perfect bubble bath date menu, we have got you covered in the food department, too. To get the perfect snack and bath pairing, we recommend choosing easy finger foods like cheese cubes and chocolates for your time in the tub. These snacks are easy to eat and don't make much of a mess if you accidentally drop one in. Refreshing fruits are also a great choice, providing some much-needed hydration and nutrients amidst the hot steam. 

According to the New York City owners of Bathhouse, Travis Talmadge and Jason Goodman, foods like yogurts and fruits are common options served at their business (via Coveteur). But sometimes you have to just go with your gut and indulge in something you crave. For example, also on the menu at Bathhouse are unconventional options like a spicy quesadilla and even a stew containing venison. While the snack you whip up at home might not be quite as outlandish, the point is to choose something you feel comfortable eating in a steamy environment. Just remember, the best way to choose the perfect food for your soak is starting with the best food-friendly cocktail.