Panera Released A Baguette-Inspired Handbag. Why?

When you go to Panera and order a mouthwateringly fresh baguette, have you ever thought, "Boy, I wish I had a baguette-shaped handbag to put this baby in." Well, we have good news for you, Panera just announced in a press release that all of its loyal customers don't just deserve but need a fashionable bag to hold their bread. Or more particularly, their Toasted Baguette Sandwich — a new menu line that Panera debuted in January. And that inspired the company to create its first high-fashion venture, the BAGuette.

Colored Panera green, the brand reports that its BAGuette purse is "the ultimate accessory crafted to sit at the intersection of style and function." According to Panera, this 12-inch bag is custom-made to hold its Toasted Baguette Sandwiches and features a golden "P" buckle to keep your belongings (and bread) secure. Only 500 of these bread-iful accessories were made and the bags went on presale at ​ today for $39.50.

Okay, so your head may be reeling after taking all that information in and you may be asking us hard-hitting questions like: Why is Panera making a bread bag? Why is its name such a blatant dad joke? Why have you subjected me to this information? Well, we can answer the first one. Panera reports it's releasing its BAGuettes in honor of none other than New York City Fashion Week.

New York City Fashion Week is actually pretty bread obsessed

This may come as a shock, but as Panera noted in a press release, bread and the fashion industry are actually very good friends. According to Fashionista, last year, many models strutted across the stages at New York City Fashion Week with bread bags. Some of these fresh fashion accessories included croissants and, yes, baguette clutches made from actual stale French bread. And this year's fall-winter edition of New York Fashion Week (which will take place from February 10 to 13 per Council of Fashion Designers of America) might prove to feature even more bread-based accessories. Panera reports that it wanted to beat designers to the delicious fashion punch by releasing its very own line of baguette-esque purses.

And if you miss out on your chance to score a BAGuette during the pre-sale, never fear. Panera reports it is giving its MyPanera members a chance to win one of these 500 bags. To be eligible, members only have to buy and munch down on everything on Panera's new Toasted Baguette Sandwich menu. The new eats in question come in three flavors: Green Goddess Caprese, Pepperoni Mozzarella, and the Smoky Buffalo Chicken. Priced at $9.99 each, by ordering all of these baguette sandwiches, you'll be one step closer to never having to be caught carrying your baguettes by hand again.