The NYC Restaurant That's Whipping Up $250k Hot Chocolate For Valentine's Day

Let's face it, Valentine's Day means something different to everyone. Whether it's a chill night with friends, eating at a fancy restaurant with your partner, or giving each other gifts surrounded by rose petals and candles, everyone celebrates the holiday a bit differently.

The average American spends around $175 on Valentine's Day, according to Forbes' 2022 data. The number could very well increase in 2023, as it has continued to climb for years. As far as what people are buying, about 56% of shoppers go for some sort of chocolate or candy, while about 22% buy jewelry.

Everyone's budget is different, but Valentine's Day spending seems to focus on the same things every year: Candy, dinner, and jewelry. If you're looking for a way to treat your partner to something special this year, you might want to consider buying them some diamond-studded hot chocolate — that is if you have $250,000 to spend. It turns out one New York City restaurant is hoping that a few people will spare no expense on a — Valentine's Day hot chocolate?

New York City's Serendipity3 is offering a diamond-studded hot chocolate

If you want your partner to be blown away this year, look no further than a $250,000 hot chocolate. According to a press release by Serendipity3, the iconic New York City restaurant has partnered with jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz to offer up a one-of-a-kind dessert. The hot chocolate, which is made from a blend of 14 different types of cocoa, is served inside a mesmerizing Australian goblet, and the goblet is topped with real gold chocolate shavings and served with two gold straws. To add to the sparkle, the goblet, which was made by crystal artist Kellie DeFries, is loaded with Australian crystals.

So, what makes a hot chocolate worth $250,000? That would be the Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring that is served with it. Per the press release, the ring is a "handmade 18k white gold diamond bypass ring with a 0.69 carat natural fancy pink heart shape diamond and a 0.77 carat natural very light blue pear shape diamond surrounded by 1.15 carats of white diamond pave." In layman's terms, it's expensive.

The hot chocolate will only be served on February 14 at the New York City location; the restaurant is creating a limited quantity, so get yours while you can — though we can't imagine you'll have too much competition.