Sam Adams Has A Great Vision For Boston In Its 2023 Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl has a few pretty consistent characteristics. A solid selection of appetizers (those unmatched game day dips), one heated football match (naturally), and some of the most creative ad campaigns around. Per Statista, 43% of Americans said they tuned into the Super Bowl in 2021 solely to watch those engaging commercials. At no other time during the year do companies and brands pull out the stops like this one Sunday, and every year the competition for the best ad gets tougher — and the scenarios in said ads more outrageous. 

It's tough to pick only a few top contenders for best commercial this year — but the beer brands usually seem to know what they're doing. And one of the most promising-looking ads this year might just be Samuel Adams. (Remember their limited-edition brew inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg?) The beer brand has a grand new vision for the city of Boston in its 2023 Super Bowl ad — and it's certainly something worth the watch. Still, it's not just the iconic Boston lager that's delivering, so let's talk about some other beer commercials we have to look forward to seeing during game day.

Trending beer commercials of Super Bowl 2023

According to Fox News, there are a fair number of Super Bowl commercials made by beer brands that are already going viral. Michelob Ultra partnered with Netflix to offer a lively teaser for a brand new show called "Full Swing" coming out on February 15 via a press release. The big ad features stars like tennis legend Serena Williams, NFL player Tony Romo, and Emmy-winning actor Brian Cox, and is also a nostalgic hit as the movie Caddyshack, per YouTube

Busch Light's commercial features an especially unexpected collaboration between the survivalist "Busch Guy" and songwriter Sarah McLachlan doing a tongue-in-cheek recreation of her emotional ASPCA commercials, per YouTube. Bud Light has also presented a strong ad for this year's lineup, featuring one of the past year's hottest actors experiencing a very relatable problem, via YouTube. Actors Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry are on hold, but instead of experiencing frustration like the rest of us might, they simply grab a Bud Light and dance to the music. Another strong contender for best beer commercial this year goes to Samuel Adams with its ad "A Brighter Boston".

Your Cousin From Boston is back again

One strong contender for best beer commercial this year could be Samuel Adams with their ad  "A Brighter Boston", via YouTube. The popular beer brand brought back its spokesperson "Your Cousin From Boston" for their 2023 commercial. (Per, he was featured in last year's Sam Adams commercial partying with robots). 

In this year's commercial, after purchasing a new and improved brighter pack of Sam Adams beer, Your Cousin From Boston goes on a wild journey around the city. He witnesses the brightening of the city of Boston itself, a city where neighbors wave hello, enemies offer up parking spaces, and one Boston man even welcomes a Yankees fan into the baseball stadium. The commercial also features Boston legends like retired Boston Celtics player Kevin Garnett and comedian Lenny Clarke per a press release

At the end of the ad, we see all of it was a dream in Your Cousin From Boston's head. While the commercial itself was a dream, Samual Adams's updated brewing process, which boasts a better, smoother taste, is very real. So keep an eye out for this funny take on Boston stereotypes during the big game.