Where Is Peekaboo Ice Cream From Shark Tank Today?

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The International Dairy Foods Association claims the average American eats four gallons of ice cream every year, so it's no wonder that "Shark Tank," a show imbued with entrepreneurial spirit, has featured a few pitches centered on such a ubiquitous food. Enter Miami-based businesswoman, Jessica Levison, who created a product that takes things a step further by strategically serving up a side of veggies with your scoop.

According to Forbes, Peekaboo Ice Cream was founded in 2018 after Levison, a mom of two, had been fired from her Legal Aid Service job but continued to operate her very own ice cream shop. Her overall goal with the Peekaboo brand was to make everyone's favorite ice cream a little more nutritious by providing an adequate serving of vegetables to the mix — all without comprising the taste or texture of America's favorite frozen treat. So what better way to do that than by blending them into a rich and creamy dessert?

While Peekaboo Ice Cream had seen significant success since debuting, Levison headed to "Shark Tank" looking for a large investment in her unique confection.

What did the Sharks think of Peekaboo Ice Cream?

You always have the opportunity to consume sweet treats from the ultimate ice cream brands in America, but not many of them offer the added benefit of nutritious vegetables in every serving. Before appearing on "Shark Tank," FoodNavigator USA claims Jessica Levison had already been carving a successful path for her Peekaboo Ice Cream brand. Available in 14-ounce containers, each Peekaboo contains one featured veggie in every flavor such as cauliflower in chocolate or carrot in strawberry. Before appearing on the popular ABC show, the promising entrepreneur was already in major stores such as Whole Foods and had her eyes set on a vegan line of ice creams. 

Even though the Sharks enjoyed the flavors of her one-of-a-kind product, they didn't agree with Levison's estimation regarding her company's worth. According to Shark Tank Recap, Levison declared her growing business would make $5 million in 2021 and needed help from the sharks in the amount of $800,000 for 8% of her business. None of the investors were willing to fork over that much money. Even though the successful mompreneur received two separate loan offers from Lori Greiner and Kevin O'Leary, Levison was after a supportive investor willing to guide her business as it continued to grow in the coming years. She left "Shark Tank" with no deal.

Where is Peekaboo Ice Cream now?

Even though Levison left "Shark Tank" without the deal she had hoped for, that didn't stop her veggie-fueled ice cream company from growing. Cision PRWeb outlines how the Peekaboo brand featured two new flavors in 2020. Later that year, Deli Market News highlights Peekaboo for winning a real California milk food contest, where Levison was allotted $200,000 to develop snack-size containers of her successful veggie-packed ice cream flavors.

Peekaboo Ice Cream also looks to have a successful social media presence. However, the last post featured on Instagram was posted in December 2021. Since then, a few social media users haven't been shy to comment on the company's lack of activity.

If you venture over to the Peekaboo website, the store locator tool has been disabled. Unfortunately, it seems you can't purchase Peekaboo products on Amazon as of now either. There is no clear answer whether or not the Peekaboo company is still up and running. The last possible option to get your hands on a container of this unique ice cream is ordering from the Peekaboo company directly, yet both eight-pack pint options are sold out online. You might have been excited to try an ice cream that fuels your body with veggies, but it seems you may need to eat all the veggies in your vegetable soup for now, or until Peekaboo makes a comeback.