Where Is Moment Drink From Shark Tank Today?

In Season 12, Episode 6 of "Shark Tank," two entrepreneurs looking to break into the drink industry approached the Sharks with a botanical water called Moment. Aisha Chottani and Faheem Fajee said their product "reduces stress and feels like meditation" (via YouTube). The beverage is supposedly made with ingredients that stimulate the same parts of the brain that meditation does.

Prior to breaking into the beverage world, Chottani gained experience in supply chain logistics and met Fajee after moving to South Africa. Fajee also had a history of entrepreneurial success, having struck a deal with Google for his previous company. After meeting, the duo discovered they shared perspectives on the power of a calm mind, per Forbes, and they started work on their botanical drink. 

Promoting their stress-relieving drink as an alternative to sugary, caffeine-filled options, Chottani and Fajee sparked the Sharks' interest, but they didn't secure an investment deal.

Moment didn't secure Shark Tank funding

In November of 2019, Aisha Chottani and Faheem Fajee gave an animated pitch to the Sharks for their drink Moment. Fajee preached about the downsides of caffeinated drinks like coffee before jumping into the health benefits their sugar-free drink offered (via YouTube). "Moment is the first product in the world that lets you drink your meditation," Chottani said on "Shark Tank."

Featured ingredients such as green tea extract promoted focus, ashwagandha brought about a sense of calm, and tulsi for "stress relief." The drink was available in three flavors at the time, including Tulsi lemon (inspired by a beverage Chottani drank growing up in Pakistan), Rooibos blood orange, and hibiscus. 

The duo asked the Sharks for a $200,000 investment in exchange for 10% of their company (via YouTube). The potential investors were impressed by the taste, lack of artificial sweeteners, packaging, and the duo's mission of reducing stress. But the Sharks still expressed concern over the volatility of the drink industry and the duo's goal of pursuing a subscription-based sales model. No one made an offer — so where is Moment today?

Where are they now?

While the Sharks rejected an investment opportunity in Moment, that didn't stop Aisha Chottani and Faheem Fajee from pursuing their dreams.  Per the Moment website, the drink found success in other channels. Since Chottani and Fajee's "Shark Tank" appearance, the company has expanded its offerings of flavors from three to eleven, including cherry hibiscus, blueberry ginger, and lychee mint. There are also now both still and sparkling options. 

Moment also has partnerships with charitable organizations, including Calm Classroom, which helps spread awareness of mindfulness into schools, per Forbes. (Chottani and Fajee mentioned their charitable initiatives when discussing the company's mission on "Shark Tank," too.)

And Moment has joined forces with Lululemon, per a December 2022 Instagram post. The partnership includes a new flavor, Sparkling Lemon Lemon. Not securing the Sharks' approval was only a setback for Moment; the beverage company is still alive and well today.