Where Is Prime 6 From Shark Tank Today?

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While many companies step onto the set of "Shark Tank" hoping to light a frenzy of offerings, some products are a burning success and others are a slow smolder. When Prime 6 appeared on "Shark Tank" Season 12, Episode 6, the owners, Oron and Riki Franco, explained that they wished to bring a new approach to the best grilling recipes. Although many backyard enthusiasts appreciate the smoky embers imparting their flavor, the husband and wife pair believed that there was a more sustainable option, compared to the traditional choices for charcoal grills

In order to help solve this problem, the couple developed a specialized hexagon-shaped charcoal, which is made from hardwood waste sawdust. Not only does the charcoal burn longer, but it also uses fewer chemicals. Prime 6 pitched $200,000 for 10% equity in their company. Throughout their presentation to the Sharks, the duo explained that their precise combination of entrepreneurial spirit and culinary knowledge granted them unique abilities to expand the market of the product well beyond its initial Walmart presence. 

Although the Sharks all appeared impressed by the pitch, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner bowed out due to competitive conflicts with other properties they own. However, both Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John opted to make offers, each for $200,000 for 25% equity. Eventually, Prime 6 chose Kevin because he offered to boost the company's online growth. So, where is the company today?

Prime 6 ignites a sustainable conversation on and off the grill

While Prime 6 walked away with a "Shark Tank" deal, the sustainable charcoal company did not let the opportunity smolder. According to the brand's website, it has been featured on various best-of-sustainable and foodie gift lists. While racking up the sales is important from a business perspective, the company has also been featured at various food festivals, like Pig Island and some Food Network events.

The brand also remains heavily committed to its role in the conversation about sustainability. While on "Shark Tank," Oron and Riki Franco both used the word several times, and it was even featured prominently on the product's packaging. As stated in Heavy, both the charcoal's composition and the hexagon shape allow it to burn at a higher temperature and produce less ash. The combination makes for an environmentally cleaner product, allowing the grilled food flavors to come through.

In addition to manufacturing a clean fuel, the company plants one tree for every pack sold. Through the brand's three-plus years in business, it has planted over 120,000 through One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization committed to reforestation. The company appreciates that a product can be kind to the planet, fill a gap in the market, and be a successful business.

Why are grillers saying about Prime 6?

While some consumers may look to purchase only sustainable products, it's rarely the be-all and end-all for customers forced to pull an extra few dollars out of their wallets. After all, if a new product is going to succeed in an already well-established market, the item is going to need to deliver on its own unique set of promises that directly benefit the customer.

According to statements on Meaww.com, numerous chefs are impressed with its performance. For example, Todd Lean, a chef from Philadelphia, said, "Using Prime 6, especially in Japanese cooking, elevates the finished product and enhances the overall flavor." Other chefs praised the product's burning time, heat conductivity, and space-saving abilities.

While professional chefs know their way around a grill, home cooks have both positive and negative comments regarding Prime 6. Although they appreciate the sustainability concept and long burn time, Amazon reviewers comment that the charcoal can be difficult to light. The same type of commentary appears in a number of reviews left on the Lowes website as well. Notably, most of those who were able to light the charcoal admitted that they thought it worked well.

In the end, Prime 6 is an option for grillers who want to feel better regarding their charcoal purchase. From a cleaner burning option to planting trees, some people might feel that the price and effort are worth it for the product. It certainly seems like this fire starter's flame benefited from the "Shark Tank" experience.