What Exactly Is The Retro Jack & Jill Sundae At Dairy Queen (And How Can You Order It Today)?

When you think of Dairy Queen, you probably immediately think of the Blizzard. It's a Dairy Queen signature, and it comes in so many flavors that even picky ice cream eaters can find a flavor they love. But before the Blizzard even made it onto the map in 1985, per Dairy Queen, there was a very different Dairy Queen treat that was just as cool on the tongue and hot on the market as the beloved Blizzard is today.

While this sundae was a Dairy Queen hallmark in the 1960s, it eventually faded into obscurity, especially when the Blizzard skyrocketed in popularity (via Taste of Home). Perhaps it's so unknown because it no longer graces the Dairy Queen menu. Fortunately, though, you can still order it. If you want a retro dessert reminiscent of a sundae from an old-fashioned diner, you'll definitely want to try this Dairy Queen ice cream treat ASAP. It's all of the soda fountain goodness of the 60s, but it's still just as delicious in the 2020s. 

What is the Jack & Jill sundae?

If this surprise sundae have you scratching your head, wondering if you've ever tried it before, the answer is "probably not" — unless you grew up in the '60s or '70s. The Jack and Jill sundae was so popular when it was first released in the 1960s that it rivaled the Blizzard's modern-day reputation, according to Southern Living. Sadly, though, it's disappeared almost entirely, but seasoned Dairy Queen customers insist that it used to exist, and they're completely right.

Although this delicious sundae is perfectly simple, it is just as tasty as many of Dairy Queen's more complex offerings. A TikTok video by a Dairy Queen employee of 10 years has gone viral because it features the Jack & Jill sundae — and shows exactly how to make it. The sundae is vanilla soft-serve ice cream with hot fudge flowing down one side and marshmallows pooling down the other. If you love anything and everything marshmallow, this sundae might be your next DQ go-to. If you want to try the Jack & Jill, just ask for a vanilla ice cream sundae with half fudge and half marshmallow on top, per Taste of Home. It's a simple order, and on the Dairy Queen secret menu, so the employees will be sure to oblige. 

What else is on Dairy Queen's secret menu?

Naturally, there are plenty of other low-key fan favorites on Dairy Queen's secret menu. Newfound fans of the Jack & Jill sundae will also enjoy the s'mores Blizzard and the marshmallow crème sundae — both easy-to-order Dairy Queen secret menu items. The s'mores Blizzard is vanilla soft-serve ice cream, marshmallow, chilled hot fudge, and graham crackers blended in signature Blizzard style. The marshmallow crème sundae is similar to the Jack & Jill but doesn't have hot fudge. According to Secret Menus, all you need to do to order a marshmallow crème sundae is ask for a vanilla sundae with an added serving of marshmallow crème.

If you'd instead branch out from marshmallow-flavored ice cream treats, the Dairy Queen secret menu has plenty of other options. As of February 2023, you can score frozen hot chocolate, a banana split Blizzard, and even a peanut butter and jelly shake – just order a peanut butter shake and ask for strawberry toppings (via Fast Food Menu Prices). Regardless of what you order from Dairy Queen's secret menu, you'll gain a new favorite, but the Jack & Jill sundae will always be an unbeatable classic.