3 Countries Celebrate A National 'Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast' Day

There are "holidays" to celebrate everything these days, including all of our favorite foods — and ice cream is no exception. You may have already heard of National Ice Cream Day and thought it sounded like a dream come true. But what many ice cream lovers don't know is that three countries take "ice cream day" a step further — they have a full-fledged National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day, per National Today.

This all sounds pretty awesome — especially if you're not fond of eating scrambled eggs, cereal, or pancakes for breakfast nearly every day. If you scream for ice cream morning, noon, and night, having the most perfect excuse to eat your favorite dessert in the morning might sound like the perfect pick-me-up. Although only three countries recognize National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day, per Marca, just knowing that it exists might inspire you to eat a bowl of ice cream for "breakfast dessert."

Which countries have a national Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day?

February 4 is the day we're all waiting for — the day when three countries' residents dive into bowls of ice cream for breakfast. Thankfully, if you live in the United States, you're in one of the countries that observe the fun national day. National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast was first celebrated in New York in the 1960s when a  winter storm kept Florence Rappaport and her six children stuck inside their home. Cheering up six antsy children isn't for the faint of heart, but Rappaport had a solution — she let her kids live the dream: eating ice cream for breakfast, per Days of the Year.

Throughout the years, the popularity of Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day spread throughout the United States and even outside of the country. In 2003, people all over China spent February 4 scarfing down ice cream as a morning meal, and they've continued celebrating to this day, per Days of the Year. Israel's adoption of the holiday was more recent — the country began celebrating in 2020, per National Today. National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day may have begun with an overwhelmed mom letting her kids have a little treat, but it's so popular because we all know ice cream is a great idea anytime.

How to make your own ice cream for Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day

Now that you know that Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day is an official holiday and not just a daily craving, per Marca, it's time to figure out how you want to celebrate it this year. There are plenty of ice cream options — you can pick up an array of flavors at the store, stop by an ice cream shop as soon as they open for a mid-morning treat, or even make your own. Though the latter may seem challenging, it's the perfect way to celebrate — you can make the ice cream the night before and then eat your extra-special treat for breakfast on the national holiday itself.

To make ice cream at home, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. First, whisk together milk, half-and-half, sugar, and salt in a medium saucepan before simmering it over medium heat. In a separate bowl, mix together cornstarch and milk with a whisk until it's no longer lumpy, then add it to the mixture you simmered on the stove. Whisk it all together until it thickens and boils (about five minutes), then reduce the heat and cook it for five more minutes. Stir in vanilla extract, then pour the ice cream into a bowl and chill it overnight, per The New York Times. You'll wake up to a treat perfect for celebrating Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day.