Where Is Brewer's Cow Ice Cream From Shark Tank Today?

If you have a sweet tooth, ice cream is the perfect thing to satisfy it. This cold, creamy delight is a perfect summertime treat, but that doesn't stop people from enjoying it all year long. Whether in a cone, a cup, or even a cake, few people will neglect the chance to sample ice cream when the opportunity arises. As for flavors, YouGov reports that vanilla comes out on top, with 59% of Americans claiming it as their favorite. Chocolate isn't far behind with 51% of the vote, while strawberry and cookies and cream are tied for third with 43%.

Adventurous eaters can also tease their taste buds with off-the-wall flavors. National Geographic Kids shares a list of flavors from around the world, including ice cream made to mimic the taste of pizza, thanks to the inclusion of basil, oregano, tomato, and garlic. Then, there's the curiously named Tiger Tail ice cream, which consists of orange and black licorice flavoring. One exciting concoction even uses hot sauces for a blast of spiciness. 

If these flavors aren't enough for you, consider that one enterprising business sought to get a beer-infused ice cream off the ground (via Connecticut 8 Style).

Beer and ice cream: a puzzling flavor pairing

Entrepreneurs Jason Conroy, Larry Blackwell, and Steve Albert visited the "Shark Tank" pitch room to secure funding for Brewer's Cow Ice Cream. Prior to the appearance, Albert had spent a decade testing different flavor combinations to develop a pleasing, beer-infused treat

During the appearance, the trio requested an investment of $125,000, for which they offered a 15% share in their business (per the Shark Tank Blog). And, of course, the group also handed out samples to the "Shark Tank" hosts.

The hosts appeared to be pleased with their samples. However, they were less impressed by the sales of Brewer's Cow Ice Cream, which only totaled $5,000 after the company's first year in business (via YouTube). The hosts became even more dismayed as Conroy, Blackwell, and Albert failed to provide solid details about a vendor order with Whole Foods. Their inability to communicate sales figures caused many of the Sharks to drop out, including Kevin O'Leary, who christened the team "ice cream bozos" (via the Shark Tank Blog). As a result, Brewer's Cow Ice Cream was unsuccessful in securing "Shark Tank" funding.

A sweet idea that failed to gain a foothold

The owners of Brewer's Cow Ice Cream failed to achieve their goals in the wake of their "Shark Tank" appearance. The company's official website is now defunct. And while the business's social media pages are still up, they haven't been updated in some time. For instance, the Facebook page was last updated in 2016, while the business's Twitter account hasn't been updated since 2015. Additionally, a comment on the most recent Facebook post references the "God awful pitch on 'Shark Tank'" and proclaims the product "horrible." Ouch.

As for Steve Albert, the ice cream innovator responsible for Brewer's Cow Ice Cream's boozy flavors, his LinkedIn profile lists his current occupation as a registered respiratory therapist. (He's also still listed as the President/Owner of The Brewer's Cow.) 

Here's hoping that Albert and the rest of the team are fulfilled by their current career options and look back on their brief brush with entrepreneurial fame with some level of satisfaction.