Gordon Ramsay's Toasted Overnight Oats Are A Must Try

Want an easy, delicious breakfast crafted by a Michelin-star chef? Look no further than Gordon Ramsay's TikTok channel. He recently shared his overnight oats recipe with followers, and while it's simple enough to throw together, it's not your average overnight oats recipe. Because this is Gordon Ramsay we're talking about.

Usually, a blend of oats, milk, a sweetener, and some extras of your choosing — like chia seeds, fruit, or nut butters — overnight oats get their name because all you have to do to prepare them is let them sit overnight. Typically, you mix the ingredients, stick them in the fridge, and they're ready in the morning. No cooking or baking involved — which is kind of the point, right?

Well, not necessarily for Ramsay. He's revamping the classic no-bake breakfast by toasting his overnight oats. And we can't say we have a good reason to argue. Let's find out how to make this must-try masterpiece.

How to make Gordon Ramsay's toasted overnight oats

Ramsay's version requires a few extra steps compared to making your typical overnight oats, but something tells us it'll be well worth it. As he says in his TikTok video caption, this is an easy overnight oats recipe "full of ingredients you can find at home." So, what exactly do you need?

First and foremost: oats. First, dump your oats on a baking pan and toast them until they're a light golden brown. Up next is toasting coconut flakes, pepitas, and almonds. Here's where things start to get really fancy. Combine butter, maple syrup, salt, cinnamon, and cardamom in a saucepan until it thickens into a syrup consistency. After that, mix golden berries, cranberries, and currants in with your toasted oats and nuts, and pour that caramel-like syrup over your bowl to combine all the ingredients.

Now it's time to assemble your overnight oats in a mason jar. Start with your choice of milk, add some Greek yogurt and nut butter, and pour in your toasted oat mixture. Add chia seeds, mix it up, and store the jar in the fridge overnight. Top with some berries and nuts in the morning, and enjoy starting your day with fancy toasted overnight oats, Gordon Ramsay style.

A few tips for perfect overnight oats

As simple as this breakfast is to put together and as easy as it is to customize the dish to your liking — you can go for anything from chai spice overnight oats to strawberry overnight oats — it can be tricky to get them just right. These no-bake batches are all about consistency, which means making them is all about the proper proportions.

First, ensure you use the right kind of oats (old-fashioned rolled oats). They're hearty enough to soak in all that liquid and keep a desirable texture. Quick oats will become too mushy, and steel-cut oats won't get soft enough (per Simply Oatmeal). Also, the liquid-to-oats proportion is significant. A good rule of thumb to avoid a mushy mess is to stick to a 1:1 ratio of milk to oats, and any goodies you mix in will only benefit the texture and consistency (via Boss The Kitchen). Lastly, don't forget the salt! Oats are bland by nature, and a dash of salt can go a long way in adding to and enriching the flavor.

While there are several things you need to remember to create an ideal version of overnight oats, the flavor, nutrients, and morning convenience will be worth it.