Can You Really Make Cookies In A Waffle Iron?

Spoiler alert: Waffle irons might be good for more than just making waffles. Although most people reserve their waffle irons for cooking breakfast and breakfast only, there are plenty of other creative things you didn't know you could make in your waffle iron. From making brownies to cinnamon rolls to churros and soft pretzels, some of these waffle iron hacks work exceptionally well for people who don't own ovens or other kitchen tools that can heat or bake food, per Tastemade.

Of course, that begs the question, "Can you make cookies with a waffle iron too?" Like waffles, cookies are one of those quintessential, carb-laden treats that we all love. Not owning an oven to bake them can leave avid home bakers seeking unconventional solutions to making one of their favorite baked goods. But are the rumors true? Can we really bake cookies in our waffle irons — cookies that are just as delicious as the ones we usually pop in the oven to bake? The answer is surprising, but it just might make you rethink how you bake your cookies the traditional way.

Can you make cookies in a waffle iron?

TikTok may have blown up with people putting their store-bought sugar cookies in waffle irons a couple of years ago, per Insider, but heating up store-bought cookies and making your own cookies are different enough that it's tempting to wonder if you can bake cookies in a waffle iron as well.

Well, as it turns out, you absolutely can make cookies in a waffle iron. And the best part, waffle iron cookies are quick to make too. According to Chicagoist, they only take about 90 seconds to fully cook, unlike the traditional cookies you put in the oven, which can take at least half an hour to bake. So if you want a treat without spending much time, waffle iron cookies are the way to go. After you've made your cookie batter, simply put a ball of cookie dough in each of the four quadrants of your standard waffle maker. Make sure to put one or two dough balls in your waffle maker at a time if it's a smaller model. The best part of making cookies in your waffle iron? Whether you don't own an oven or just want to try a different cooking method you can use on a time crunch, waffle iron cookies are sure to satisfy you.

Other ways to bake delicious cookies without an oven

Thankfully for bakers who don't own ovens, waffle irons aren't the only kitchen tool you can use to make delicious, warm cookies. From air fryer cookies to crock pot cookies to pan cookies, there are plenty of cookie recipes for you to try, Baking Kneads explains.

While every method works pretty well to make cookies, each requires a slightly different preparation method. For air fryer cookies, line a baking sheet with parchment paper before you bake or put the cookie dough in ramekins for a "deep dish" cookie effect. To bake cookies in a pan on the stove, put a few balls of dough in the pan, cover it, and put it on low heat. Observe the cookies carefully while they cook to keep them from burning. If you choose to make cookies in your slow cooker, grease the inside of the cooker, line it with parchment paper, and leave the dough in the cooker until the timer goes off. It's perfect for busy days when you want to bake without actually thinking about baking. According to Lifehacker, you can also bake cookies in a steamer on the stove, which only takes about 15 minutes. So the next time you crave some cookies but find that your oven isn't working, you can turn to your good ol' waffle iron. And if that's not an option, there're several other oven-free cookie-making options you can try as well.