The Costco Shortcut For Major Meal Subscription Box Discounts

It turns out that not only does everyone's favorite bulk grocery destination help you save money on all sorts of everyday household items and favorite foods, but it can help save you cooking time. That's right; if you have a Costco membership, there is an easy way to save on one of the most nutritious meal kits on the market.

It might be confusing to get meal kits while you're doing your grocery shopping. Money Management points out that these meal kits won't replace all your food needs, but they can save you some time by taking care of a few quick meals each week. They also help cut down on food waste by only sending you the amounts needed for the recipe, saving you some money in the long run.

Gobble says that the number one benefit of services like these is that they will save you time. So, you'll still need to be shopping at Costco or another grocery store to fill in other meals throughout the week, but at least you can get a few hours back by making this money-smart shopping choice.

How to save on meal kits with Costco

While there are some items at Costco that you should avoid, its gift cards certainly aren't one of them. This is because many of Costco's restaurant gift cards are sold at a reduced price of 20-25% less than they're worth. That means you can get a $100 gift card for your favorite restaurants at $80. Its collection features a variety of restaurants, from Bob Evans and Boston Market to California Pizza Kitchen and Landry's collection of restaurants.

The same goes for the meal kit from Nutrisystem. A $100 e-gift card is available at Costco for a reduced price. Nutrisystem has been helping people manage their weight and reach weight loss goals for over 50 years. With a Costco membership, you'll have access to its delicious meals and snacks at a reduced price. This can help alleviate some pressure for finding dinner options for a few nights a week without any worries about nutrition.

Blue Apron's past collaborations with Costco

Reader's Digest claims that Blue Apron gift cards were formerly available at Costco for a reduced price. This seems to have been the last vestige of the meal kit services dealings with Costco.

PYMNTS reports that in May 2018, Blue Apron started offering some of its prepared food kits in West Coast Costco locations as a preview. Costco shoppers could get a taste of what was available from Blue Apron at a reduced price, and the company hoped they would become full-time subscribers. The outlet says this partnership ended only a few months later during a round of layoffs and restructuring at Blue Apron.

Reader's Digest suggests that the company's gift cards were still available for purchase as recently as last April. However, according to a Reddit post, they were recently removed from the stores. A search on the Costco website also didn't show any Blue Apron gift cards for sale. While you may not be able to purchase Blue Apron's meal kits for less, Costco still has plenty of dinner options at a discount.