Where Is SquareOne Mini Keg From Shark Tank Today?

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A staple of bars and college parties everywhere, kegs are designed to hold a large volume of beer while also preserving it for optimum taste and aroma. While they might seem like a thoroughly modern invention, The Camden Chronicle reports that an early form of the device was developed by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians way back in the 5th millennium. At this point, kegs were made from terracotta canisters. It wasn't until the early 1900s that the pressurized steel keg was born, which used carbon dioxide to carbonate beer and deliver it through the tap to the waiting glass.

While kegs serve an important role in the bar and restaurant industry and are also quite beneficial when entertaining a large group, they're not exactly convenient. Per Binwise, a half-barrel keg weighs 160 pounds when full, which makes transportation challenging. Then there's the round shape of kegs, which can prevent them from being placed in the refrigerator due to space constraints. 

These issues weighed heavy on the mind of one entrepreneur, who set out to create a streamlined keg system ideal for home use.

Take the party with you wherever you go

Tim Loucks created the SquareOne Mini Keg while employed as a medical device salesman. His initial efforts, including a Kickstarter campaign, weren't entirely successful, although Loucks was able to gather the funds needed to bring his project to life. This led to an appearance on "Shark Tank," where Loucks sought to secure the necessary funding to take his product to the next level.

Loucks requested an investment of $300,000 in exchange for 10% equity in his business (via YouTube). He told the Sharks that since he founded the company, Square Keg had seen $1.4 million in sales. To illustrate the SquareOne Mini Keg's value, Loucks provided each of the Sharks with a keg filled with different beverages, including beer and mixed drinks. While the hosts appeared to appreciate the concept, most bowed out of the investment. One point of contention was the fact that there was no wine version of the keg, to which Loucks responded that one was under development and would be available in a matter of months. 

Kevin O'Leary proposed an investment equaling $300,000 for a share of 20%. While Loucks was initially reluctant, he eventually agreed to O'Leary's offer.

A match made in Shark Tank heaven

Per the SquareKeg website, the brand has yet to launch the wine-specific device that wooed Kevin O'Leary during Tim Loucks' "Shark Tank" appearance. However, that hasn't stopped the product from becoming a success. As reported by Yahoo! Finance, O'Leary claimed to be a personal fan of the SquareOne Mini Keg, claiming that he used it "all summer" and touted it as being the perfect "guy gift."

Loucks has a certified success on his hands, which was at least partially made possible by his lucrative "Shark Tank" appearance. "It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but the most gratifying all at the same time," Loucks told Spokane's 4 News Now of starting his business.

As for where to find the SquareOne Mini Keg, customers can order direct from the products page of the website, or visit the company's Amazon page. Additionally, the company's Instagram page is active, with frequent updates and posts illustrating how to craft a Moscow Mule recipe using the device.