Dairy Queen Just Unveiled Some Truly Decadent Valentine's Day Treats

Back in 1940, the first Dairy Queen opened in Illinois, per Dairy Queen. Today, the chain has over 7,000 locations and can be found in over 20 countries worldwide. Around 45 years after the initial restaurant opened, the Blizzard Treats hit the menu and quickly became fan favorites.

The Dairy Queen menu includes treats like soft-serve ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, and more. The chain even sells Dilly Bars to-go, if you want to take some treats home with you. But the Blizzards are a Dairy Queen-exclusive treat, and fans of the treats are always eager to try new flavors. As of August 2022, Dairy Queen had released two dozen different Blizzard flavors, according to Insider.

Dairy Queen often releases new Blizzard flavors in accordance with the season, reports People. Fall flavors include pumpkin pie and cinnamon roll-inspired treats, while winter brings minty or sugar cookie-flavored ice creams. To celebrate Valentine's Day, Dairy Queen will be releasing a few new treats, and they've just been revealed.

These treats mimic a Valentine's Day staple

Dairy Queen will be releasing an all-new Valentine's Day-inspired Blizzard treat, reports People. The Triple Truffle Blizzard takes inspiration from the typical Valentine's Day boxes of chocolates, according to the Dairy Queen website. It starts with a soft serve base, and blends in peanut butter, caramel, and fudge-filled truffles. The Blizzard is finished off with Dairy Queen's signature chocolate topping, for a treat that's sure to satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings.

The ice cream chain will also be selling the ice cream in cake form, as per People. The Triple Truffle Blizzard Cupid Cake will start with a base layer of Dairy Queen's vanilla soft serve ice cream, and then a layer of Triple Truffle Blizzard ice cream will be added on top. The cake will also feature a layer full of fudge, peanut butter, and caramel-filled truffles.

The new Blizzard flavor and cake are available to order now at participating Dairy Queen locations for a limited time.