The Trader Joe's Product You Should Always Cook In An Air Fryer

Trader Joe's is one of the most beloved grocery store chains in America. Thanks its wide variety of changing products, outstanding selection of seasonings and spices, and surprisingly low price point it has developed a passionate following. The Ascent adds that it's also just an outstanding shopping experience. Customers can get free samples of almost anything they want to try while they shop, and the reasonably sized stores are pretty much always well-maintained.

It makes sense then that Trader Joe's would be a perfect combination with another passionate circle of foodies — air fryer devotees. The Facebook group Easy Air Fryer Recipes has more than two million users and is just one of the many groups devoted to the kitchen appliance. Air Fry Anytime says that folks love using air fryers due to their quick cooking times, versatility, and healthier results.

The Venn diagram of Trader Joe's and air fryers overlap in a simple product that you'll be adding to your grocery list after tasting the results for yourself.

Frozen pizzas are made for air fryers

One of the best items to cook from Trader Joe's with your air fryer is one of the brand's frozen pizzas or flatbreads. In an August episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, co-hosts Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing, and Tara Miller, marketing director at Trader Joe's, shared some of their favorite Trader Joe's cooking hacks.

Miller said that her latest hack was to cook Trader Joe's frozen pizzas in her air fryer. As Everyday Family Cooking points out, frozen pizzas are great in air fryers because it is even quicker than the oven, and produces crispy crusts with perfectly melted cheese on top almost every time.

Miller does admit though, that this takes some specialized equipment. She apparently has an arsenal of different air fryers, and among them is one that is large enough to fit a full-sized pizza. If we get a little creative with our definition of a pizza though (beg your pardon, Italian "nonnas" everywhere), then we can include more than just Trader Joe's frozen pizzas — full-size and personal — but also many of its flatbreads as well.

Trader Joe's has flatbreads and pizzas galore

On Inside Trader Joe's, Tara Miller's cooking hack was prompted by Matt Sloan's much more complicated description of how he prepares the Trader Joe's Tart D'Alsace flatbread. Sloan says that he prefers to start his in the oven with a heat-tolerant pan, before crisping it up on the stovetop. We don't see any reason why Sloan can't save himself some time though and use the air fryer instead.

According to Club Trader Joe's, the Tart D'Alsace is a flatbread topped with gruyere cheese, ham, and caramelized onions, but that's just one of Trader Joe's flatbread offerings. Salon adds that it also sells a French tart made with brie and tomatoes, as well as another made with mushrooms and Emmental. There are also plenty of other frozen pizza options as well, though some may require an above-average sized model. No matter what kind of pizza-like offerings you might be craving, a trip to Trader Joe's will net you a bevy of options to air fry.