The Unexpected Addition That Can Take Your Coffee To New Heights

While you might be familiar with adding a slab of butter to your morning cuppa, or a dash of MCT oil for some added energy and nutrients, there's a whole lot more, say, unusual things you could be adding to your coffee. That's the beauty of the beverage — while some like it black, it also serves as a gorgeous, blank, bitter canvas that you can spice up with just about anything you desire. While most seem to prefer the mundane additions of a few tablespoons of cream and sugar or a topping of cinnamon or nutmeg, don't be afraid to branch out and get creative. The options are literally endless.

There is one especially unexpected addition circulating around the web that brings a whole new flavor component to your coffee, not to mention a few natural vitamins and minerals. And like many drink trends from over the past few years, we have TikTok to thank for this coffee drink's popularity. 

A few ways to upgrade your coffee experience

There are endless opportunities to spice up your coffee, so whether you want a sugar-free hack for your cup or a deliciously decadent latte, don't be afraid to get crafty.

One of the most basic ways you can change up your morning coffee experience is to switch up how you brew it. If you're used to your trusty coffee machine, try out using a good old-fashioned French press next time. According to the National Coffee Association, most coffees are brewed the same no matter what tools you have. Switching up your technique can make a once mundane experience come alive again, and make you feel like a true coffee connoisseur. If you're wary of filling up your kitchen cabinets with more equipment, another way to switch up your coffee game is with homemade simple syrups. 

According to Vinepair, another way to upgrade your coffee is by looking to TikTok for some inspiration. One coffee trend that exploded in 2020 was the Dalgona whipped coffee experience. Just mix this instant coffee with milk, sugar, and water to create a whipped beverage. And if you'd like to take your coffee experience in an even more unexpected direction, here's also one more unusual coffee-drink TikTokers have popularized. 

The special ingredient that could change your mornings

One recent trend coming out of TikTok is a true coffee game changer. The idea in question? Add orange juice to your morning coffee or espresso, via TikTok. Yes, seriously. As weird as it may sound combining these two, don't knock it till you try it. Per Thrillist, a lot of people like it, and the awareness of the unique drink has even inspired some restaurants to add it to their menus. According to Era of We, the fun combination works because the bold, bitterness of the coffee adds a nice contrast to the bright citrus flavor of the orange juice. Not to mention, they're both amazing sources of antioxidants. 

While TikTok may be bringing this drink to the masses, it's actually not new. Orange juice and coffee have been a popular combination in Arizona since 2011 per coffee shop owner Damon Brash, with the names of the drink ranging from Good Morning, Vietnam and the Sunrise, via My Recipes. Some say this coffee drink had even already gone viral back in 2014, per Sprudge. But no matter where it came from, the hype is back. 

So, does this sound like an exciting new way to take your coffee to new heights, or a flat-out mistake? We say if you drink them separately in the mornings anyway, you may as well combine them and see what happens.