Where Is Chicken Salt From Shark Tank Today?

Most homesick Australian experts will admit they pine for chicken salt. If only this Australian condiment would finally make its way to the States. Now, imagine their excitement as they watched JADA Brands Chicken Salt on "Shark Tank."

For the uninitiated, including the sharks, that name can be confusing. Business Coach Joe Pardo breaks down the "Shark Tank" appearance on their YouTube channel. Presenters, Khasha Touloei and Maynard Okereke, quickly identify their chicken salt as being vegan. In fact, they're also presenting a powdered vegan chicken alternative, Chick'n Mix, in addition to their line of seasoned salts. So, what's with the name?

It all started in Australia, according to The Guardian. What was initially intended to be a seasoning for rotisserie chickens, wound up being something sprinkled on just about everything. Despite not containing any chicken, the name stuck. The origin of Chicken Salt is up for some debate but Mitani brought it to widespread use, and the fame Down Under started in 1979. Think of it as what's called "seasoning salt," in the States.

However, most Sharks were quick to offer an, "I'm out." The product line was too broad. They lacked focus. The spice market is too competitive. Or, the most intriguing product, Chick'n Mix, hadn't moved past research and development. Shark, Barbara Corcoran, however, wanted to become a "third partner." The only offer of $250,000 for 33% equity was accepted. So, where are they today?

Chicken Salt lands in the States with Shark Tank

Since its "Shark Tank" appearance in 2020 (Season 12, Episode 4), the company has made huge strides in taking a portion of a plant-based food market that's growing three times as fast as other foods, according to Good Food Institute. The Chicken Salt website redirects to a new JADA Foods website that reveals there are five varieties of Chicken Salt-Original, Reduced Sodium, Lime, Red Pepper, and BBQ. All of them, including a Turmeric Salt, are vegan, have simple ingredient lists, and don't contain gluten, soy, MSG, or sugar.

Vegan Chick'n Mix has moved well past research and development. It's grown into a lineup of three flavors-Original, Mediterranean, and Barbecue. There's even a Plant-Based Porkless Mix.

Unlike Press Waffle, Barbara Corcoran's Shark Tank page of the website doesn't mention JADA Brands, Chicken Salt, or Chick'n Mix. So, we're left to wonder how their relationship led to the growth. But, it seems safe to say that it was a good deal. Especially if you've been waiting for Chicken Salt to finally come to the States.