Where Is Mighty Carver From Shark Tank Today?

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The Mighty Carver was invented after one particular Thanksgiving when no family members were up to the grueling task of carving the turkey (per its website). Founder Kim Burney said that her grandfather typically carved the turkey on the holiday, but after he passed away, the family was left looking for a new tradition. To make the dining experience fun, Kim came up with the Mighty Carver.

The device acts as an electric carving knife, cleanly slicing through meat, but it can also be used for fruit, bread, and more (via YouTube). Part of the appeal is that its appearance and action bear a resemblance to a chainsaw.

Though the company had already secured sales with a few major retailers, its founders were hoping to do more sales through their own website. Kim and her husband Lance Burney took to the "Shark Tank" floor to pitch their patented product to the Sharks, hoping to secure funding to further their business.

The Sharks took interest in the product

Husband and wife team Kim and Lance Burney made their appearance on Season 12, Episode 4 of "Shark Tank" to present the Mighty Carver (via Mighty Carver). The duo sought a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20% of the company (via YouTube). The couple brought a prepared turkey to the show so that they could demonstrate the smooth slices using the Mighty Carver. They also offered the Sharks the opportunity to test it out for themselves, and Mark Cuban excitedly accepted.

Kevin O'Leary was interested in the product, and offered the $100,000 the couple wanted for 33.3% of the company — he wanted to be in an equal partnership with the other two. Daymond John was also interested and offered the couple the same money for only 27.5%. After some hesitation from the business owners, John cut his share down to 25%. Ultimately, the Burneys agreed to the deal with John.

The company is still up and running today

Kim and Lance Burney were excited to work with Daymond John after the deal was made, according to a post from 2020 on the Mighty Carver website. This was due to his business skills and connections in the retail industry. John worked alongside Kim and Lance Burney to ensure the company was prepared for an influx of orders after the episode aired. He also worked with the Burney's marketing team and got in contact with other vendors to promote and sell the product.

The Burneys are evidently proud of their work with John — the company frequently posts about "Shark Tank" on its Facebook page, and has posted about John's accomplishments as well ever since their partnership began. The knife has been featured on HSN, Sharper Image, and The Wall Street Journal, as per its website. Today, the Mighty Carver Electric Knife can be purchased from the Mighty Carver website, or from the Mighty Carver Amazon storefront. And who knows, perhaps you can use your Mighty Carver to cut up another "Shark Tank" product, like a super grilled cheese from Tom + Chee