Where Is PMS Bites From Shark Tank Today?

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a touchy topic, no matter what angle you approach it from. The Mayo Clinic states that PMS causes symptoms like irritability, fluctuating moods, and cravings for specific foods. Additionally, it's estimated that three out of every four menstruating women will experience the physical and emotional symptoms linked to PMS. However, PMS is also associated with many outdated sexist stereotypes, which can cause consternation when a person's real emotions are minimized.

For Tania Green, the very real effects of PMS elicited a spark of inspiration. In 2015, the budding entrepreneur began a Kickstarter campaign for her PMS Bites, a product that promised to fulfill PMS-related food cravings without derailing one's diet. The small chocolatey treats are shaped into bite-sized balls for easy snacking and are also vegan and gluten-free. Overall, the campaign was a relative success, with 165 contributors donating $8,439 to Green's concept. This outcome led Green to the hallowed pitch room of "Shark Tank," where she sought funding to expand her product further.

The Sharks raise concerns about a PMS-specific treat

Per the Shark Tank Blog, Green was willing to share 20% of PMS Bites for an investment of $50,000. Upon handing out samples of her PMS Bites, the Sharks express enjoyment at the way they taste. However, they do have a few concerns. Once they learn the wholesale cost vs. the cost of making the treats, it's revealed that Green is working with a sales margin of 66%. Additionally, her sales figures thus far totaled $13,400.07. This leads Shark Kevin O'Leary to christen Green "The Queen of Small Numbers."

In addition to the paltry sales figures, concerns about marketing are also raised. O'Leary again questions the success of a product that caters to a very specific target audience, although the other Sharks claim the PMS angle could ultimately serve as a benefit when it comes to marketing. To this end, Mark Cuban highlights the great social media opportunities for a product like PMS Bites, just before Green states that her primary focus is on retail purchases. Without a strong web presence, Cuban feels that the product will not resonate with audiences. These concerns cause all the hosts to back out of the deal, leaving PMS Bites without an investment.

PMS Bites failed to launch

Sadly, it does not appear that Green's PMS Bites have taken off in the aftermath of her "Shark Tank" appearance. The PMS Bites website is now an advertisement for an online gambling site based in Indonesia, with no mention of Green, her products, or her appearance on "Shark Tank." PMS Bites does have an established presence on various social media sites, perhaps taking a cue from Cuban's push for social media marketing, but no recent posts have been made.

The PMS Bites Instagram page was last updated on June 7th, 2017, to coincide with Green's appearance on the reality TV show, much like the Facebook page and Twitter page representing the brand. Green's LinkedIn profile lists the start and end dates for PMS Bites, Inc. as January 2017 and February 2018 respectively. As for her most recent position, Green is cited as the owner and producer of GreenT Media, which offers services like branding, video production, social media, and photography. While she couldn't make her dream of PMS-friendly treats happen, it's good to see that Green is thriving in other venues.