The Most Popular Dairy Queen Foods, Ranked

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of classic fast food desserts is a Dairy Queen Blizzard. The popular chain, founded in 1940, is known for its many different flavors of Blizzards and other sweet concoctions. From Oreos and M&M's to Snickers and Reese's, Dairy Queen takes about every sweet flavor you can think of and blends it together for a tasty treat.

However, it's worth pointing out that Dairy Queen has many different food items that are just as tasty as its desserts. Be it sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, salads, chicken, or smaller bites, Dairy Queen has many options to choose from. Fans of the chain can head there for lunch, dinner, or anything in between, and finish off the meal with one of the many Dairy Queen sweet treat items. And while there's something for every taste, it goes without saying that some items are better than others. So we've got your guide to all the popular food items from Dairy Queen, ranked from worst to best.

13. Crisy Chicken Strips Salad and Rotisserie-style Chicken Bites Salad Bowl

In last place, with an obligatory tie, are the Chicken Strips Salad and the Chicken Bites Salad. The Crispy Chicken Strips Salad is made with bite size pieces of 100% all-tenderloin white meat crispy chicken strips, served on a bed a lettuce with diced tomatoes, bacon, and shredded cheddar cheese. To top it all off, Dairy Queen recommends you serve it with their house made Hidden Valley ranch dressing, or if that's not to your liking, a dressing of your choice.

The Rotisserie-style Chicken Bites Salad Bowl is a slightly lighter take, featuring roasted, not breaded and fried, chicken described as "savory, crisp, tender, and juicy." Similar to the Crispy Chicken Strips Salad, this one is also topped with diced tomatoes, bacon, and shredded cheddar cheese, and comes with your choice of dressing (though ranch is also recommended here). 

It is typically presumptuous to assume that fast food salads are going to be delicious. There are a handful of exceptions, but unfortunately Dairy Queen is not one. These salads are mediocre, but are definitely not the worst fast food salad, so order at your own pleasure.

12. Hot Dog and Chili Cheese Dog

Next on the list is the classic-style Hot Dog and the Chili Cheese Dog. Hot dogs are a hit or miss item at fast food chains, but places like Checker's, Five Guys, and Shake Shack's hot dogs are all on par with the Dairy Queen version. Dairy Queen hot dogs have the tender, juicy meat in the middle of a firm, golden bun, and you can top the dish however you want. Dairy Queen even has the option for you to add cheese.

If you're are looking for an upgrade, the Chili Cheese Dog has all the great flavors of the regular hot dog with the addition of Dairy Queen's beefy, delicious chili. Other toppings for the Chili Cheese Dog are up to your discretion, but trust us when we say it pairs well with mustard. Both of these menu items are a decent meal option, if you're someone who enjoys hot dogs, but there is so much more to the Dairy Queen menu worth exploring. 

11. Onion Rings

For a small bite that will easily satisfy, you should try the Dairy Queen Onion Rings. These deep fried snacks are golden, crispy, fresh, and hot for you to enjoy. They come in two sizes, the small portion and the large portion, ready to satisfy whatever level of hunger strikes. And of course they are made even better when dipped in a side of ketchup, ranch, or whatever sauce you desire.

There are many appetizers to choose from on the Dairy Queen menu, but the Onion Rings are definitely a decently popular menu item. They seem to have just the right amount of crispy texture with the breading and a nicely cooked, juicy filling with the onion. The Onion Rings double as both a snack you can purchase solo, and a side to go with the Dairy Queen cheeseburgers, hot dogs, or even salads. We wouldn't say the Onion Rings are the best appetizer on the menu, they are definitely a viable choice.

10. Chicken Strip Basket & Honey BBQ Sauced and Tossed

Next up, and also tied on the list, are the original Chicken Strip Basket and the Honey BBQ Sauced and Tossed chicken strip basket. The Chicken Strip Basket is a signature menu item at Dairy Queen. The dish has all white meat chicken strips that are heavily seasoned to taste and fried to perfection. The basket comes in four or six pieces, served up with French fries and a side of Texas Toast. There are many dipping sauces available for the dish, including options like classic, house made Hidden Valley Ranch, or Dairy Queen's take on country gravy. As far as the quality of the meat goes, we think it stands up better than several other fast food chains, and would without a doubt satisfy a craving for a chicken basket.

What also works well about the Chicken Strips Basket is the fact that there is another option for those who do not want just the dry seasoning. The Honey BBQ Sauced and Tossed basket has all the great meat of the regular Chicken Strips Basket, but with the added honey BBQ glaze that does a great job of mixing sweet and smoky flavors. This basket is also served with Texas Toast and French fries, and with your choice of dipping sauce — though we highly recommend the ranch. This dish might have a slight edge to the regular basket, but only by a little, so we'll still call it a tie. 

9. Fries

Another great appetizer and classic side dish on the Dairy Queen menu is the restaurant's Fries. They come in three sizes: regular, large, and kids. The Dairy Queen fries are a part of many orders as the paired side dish, but can also be purchased separately. These fries have a crispy, golden quality to them with a great texture on the outside and a soft, tender potato on the inside. They're well flavored and plenty salty. 

There is something so simple, yet so delicious about their quality, so if you are ordering them as a side dish or a main snack, you will not be disappointed. The fries can be exchanged for Onion Rings or different side dishes when ordering a combo meal, but there is no need to do so. Pair the fries with your choice of dipping sauce, like ketchup, ranch, or honey mustard, and your taste buds will appreciate the royal treatment. 

8. Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe

One of the best parts about the Dairy Queen menu is the selection of cheeseburgers. Though it is ranked as the last burger on this list, the chain's bacon cheeseburger is still a delicious choice for meat lovers. You'll find it on the menu listed as a Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe. It features two 100% seasoned real beef patties, totaling a third of a pound of meat. These patties are topped with two melted cheeses, sharp American and white cheddar, as well as Applewood smoked bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise. All of these ingredients are held together between a toasted bun with a soft finish.

The flavors, as Dairy Queen puts it, are "intricate" and "intertwined." Each layer of the sandwich brings something new to the table. Be it a new taste, texture, or both, the layers blend together so well that every bite is curated to your taste buds. And this is not even the best burger on the Dairy Queen menu.

7. Original Hamburger and Deluxe Stackburger

These next two burgers are nearly impossible to differentiate. Dairy Queen's classic original Hamburger (or Cheeseburger) is made with a 100% real beef patty, topped with pickles, ketchup, and mustard on a toasted bun. Add a slice of melted American to make it a cheeseburger. Order these a la carte or as part of a combo, and we promise you won't be disappointed. 

The same goes for the Two Cheese Deluxe Stackburger, which contains not only two 100% beef patties, but also two different cheeses, melted sharp American and white cheddar. Between that toasted bun also lies tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise. The Stackburger does not overwhelm the palate with meat or cheese, but instead combines them in a way that makes sense and blends effortlessly. All in all, both the original Cheeseburger and the Two Cheese Deluxe Stackburger are great options on the Dairy Queen menu.

6. Rotisserie-style Chicken Bites

Though the salad does not suit them the best, the Rotisserie-style Chicken Bites are excellent on their own. For those who grew up eating rotisserie chicken for family dinners and other special occasions, these bites are the choice for you. They are made with 100% white meat chicken that is seasoned to perfection and served with the dipping sauce of your choice. The regular size comes with six pieces, but if that's not enough you can upgrade your order to a large for even more delicious rotisserie-style chicken. These bites pair really well with DQ's house made Hidden Valley ranch dip, but of course the choice is up to you.

These bites are just as they sound: smaller pieces of chicken instead of chunky strips. They are the best part of the salad they top, and they are a great item on the menu if you are looking for more of lighter main course. They have a surprisingly homemade taste to them, one that is particularly hard to come by with fast food chains. Whether or not you pair them with fries, onion rings, or a another side is up to you, but the Rotisserie-style Chicken Bites are definitely great choice at DQ.

5. Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso

To kick off the top five, we have Dairy Queen's Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso. Pretzel sticks are another one of those notable appetizers or side dishes that are a bit heavier than fries, but provide such a different flavor to enjoy. The DQ version features soft pretzel sticks, served hot right out of the oven and topped with a decent amount of course salt. There are three sticks in an order, which is served with queso dipping sauce that has a zesty kick and a warm finish. You are free to switch out the queso for mustard, or any other dipping sauce you prefer, but they definitely pair best with the signature cheesy dip.

The Dairy Queen Pretzel Sticks are of surprisingly high quality, and the same goes for the Zesty Queso. When paired together, the flavor of the queso almost makes it comparable to a beer cheese at a higher-end restaurant that is served with a soft pretzel. The Pretzel Sticks, too, are seasoned just the right amount, and are cooked to perfection with a crisp outer layer and a soft, bready inside. These are not only unique, but hands down one of the best menu items you can get from Dairy Queen.

4. Cheese Curds

In fourth place on the Dairy Queen menu are the Cheese Curds. There are a few fast food chains that attempt to make great cheese curds – we are looking at you, Culver's – and though they do a great job, Dairy Queen's version of the side dish has to be one of the best. These small, fried bits of cheese are made with white cheddar, battered and then fried until they are crisp on the outside, and melted on the inside. What is great about this dish is that you can easily eat them on the go, popping individual pieces in your mouth while making a minimal mess.

This appetizer is really well crafted. There is a fine contrast in texture between the breading and the cheese, making it enjoyable to eat. These Cheese Curds can also be served with a dipping sauce of your choice, and the recommended choice would be the house made Hidden Valley ranch dip. However, this dish is so well done on its own that you will likely find you do not need any sauce to enjoy it. The Cheese Curds go well as a singular choice or as a replacement side dish to a burger or other main course.

3. Chicken Strip Sandwich (original or spicy)

To start off the top three, there is a clear tie. The Original Chicken Strip Sandwich and the Spicy Chicken Strip Sandwich are both so similar and delicious that it is impossible to differentiate which has the edge. Though the Chicken Strip Basket ranks much lower than the sandwich, that's because the Chicken Strip Sandwich ties the chicken together with other great ingredients. It's made with two 100% white meat seasoned chicken strips on a toasted bun, topped with chopped lettuce, tomato slices, and mayonnaise.

On the other hand, the Spicy Chicken Strip Sandwich heats up the regular Chicken Strip Sandwich a notch, thanks to the Dairy Queen signature FlameThrower sauce. The structure is the same, with two 100% white meat chicken strips that are topped with chopped lettuce and tomato slices, but instead of regular mayonnaise, the FlameThrower sauce completes the sandwich. To cool it down, you can add a side of regular mayo or ranch to incorporate with each bite, or you can just let your taste buds ride out the spices. No matter which sandwich you select, it's guaranteed to leave you thoroughly satisfied and counting down the minutes until you can have another Dairy Queen chicken sandwich.

2. Loaded A.1. Signature Stackburger

The Loaded A.1. Signature Stackburger is not only a clear crowd favorite, but the obvious second place choice. This burger has two 100% real beef seasoned burger patties that are slathered with A.1. Thick and Hearty Steak Sauce, as well as creamy peppercorn sauce, Applewood smoked bacon, melted sharp American cheese, and crispy onion rings. 

The flavors here explode off the dish and into your mouth. It might seem overwhelming with so many bold combinations mixing together, but the Loaded A.1. Signature Stackburger actually works incredibly well. The use of the A.1. sauce alone elevates this burger to a higher level than other menu options, but when the A.1. is mixed with the peppercorn sauce, the bacon, and the already well-seasoned patties, this burger becomes a must-try item. All the ingredients together create what Dairy Queen calls a "no-holds-barred, flavor-forward taste experience." If you are a bold burger fan, this will without a doubt be the dish for you.

1. FlameThrower Signature Stackburger

And finally, taking the top spot in our ranking, the undoubted champion of the Dairy Queen menu — the FlameThrower Signature Stackburger. This is a staple of the Dairy Queen menu, and for really good reason. The FlameThrower burger features two 100% real beef patties topped with melted pepper jack cheese, as well as Dairy Queen's spicy signature FlameThrower sauce. To complete the sandwich, jalapeño, bacon, tomato, and lettuce are packed between the two toasted buns. 

There is certainly a kick to this dish, one that people can't get enough of. Dairy Queen puts it best, saying that after eating this sandwich, "fans have exhibited signs of uninhibited joy, total taste satisfaction, and repeatedly exclaiming to friends 'you have to try a bite of this!'" The jalapeños and bacon are a great addition to what is already a wonderfully flavored and textured burger. The FlameThrower sauce has a chipotle mayonnaise vibe, for those who have never experienced its intense, bold flavor. When mixed with the pepper jack cheese, the condiment and toppings perfectly complement each other. This burger is, and likely always will be, the reigning champion of the hot food on the Dairy Queen menu.