Where Is SauceMoto From Shark Tank Today?

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Fast food makes it easy to eat on the go; roughly 56% of American say they somewhat regularly eat while driving (per The Zebra). If you don't mind your car smelling like fast food, you might be happy to eat on the road and let your passengers do the same — so long as no one makes a mess.

That idea is what inspired Michael Koury, Tony Lahood, and William Moujaes to create their company. The business owners created the SauceMoto Dip Clip after sauce was spilled in Lahood's brand-new car on a road trip (via YouTube). They were tired of having to choose between enjoying fast food without any sauce or having to worry about making a mess and spilling the sauce in the car.

To secure funding to expand their business, the business owners took their pitch to the "Shark Tank" panel to ask for a little financial help.

The SauceMoto Dip Clip won the Sharks over

Tony Lahood, Michael Koury, and William Moujaes appeared on "Shark Tank" in Season 10 (via YouTube). They presented the Sharks with their product: the SauceMoto Dip Clip, a condiment holder designed to rest in a car's air vent, providing a sturdy sauce resting spot for those who want to enjoy a mess-free eating experience in the car. They passed out a sample of their product so that each of the Sharks could test it out.

The Sharks were able to see the usefulness of the product; Mark Cuban estimated that he eats roughly 30% of his meals in the car (via YouTube). The business owners sought a $45,000 investment for a 15% share of the company. Kevin O'Leary initially offered them the $45,000 in exchange for half of the business, but Robert Herjavec jumped in and offered the money for only 40%. 

O'Leary countered with 25% — because there would be four of them, they would each have an equal stake in the company. The SauceMoto founders accepted the offer and struck the deal with O'Leary.

SauceMoto saw success after Shark Tank

After receiving publicity from appearing on "Shark Tank" Season 10, along with the investment from Kevin O'Leary, Tony Lahood, Michael Koury, and William Moujaes continued to market the SauceMoto. 

The company is still in business and is now selling the product in a variety of colors, including red, black, rose gold, and gray. The products can be purchased directly from the SauceMoto website or from the company's Amazon storefront. Customers seem to love the SauceMoto, too; the Amazon two-pack of SauceMoto Dip Clips has a 4.6-star average customer rating (out of a potential 5 stars).

According to the SauceMoto website, the vent clip is universal and can be rotated to fit in any direction vent, making it work for pretty much any car. Plus, each clip comes with a removable cup, allowing customers to empty packets of sauce into the cup for easy dipping.