The Strange New Tasks Behind Jimmy John's Revamped Loyalty Program

"Freaky fresh" sandwiches aren't the only thing happening at Jimmy John's. In January, the company announced a new spin on its loyalty program, where customers can complete challenges to win digital badges and rewards (per Nation's Restaurant News). This may not sound all that odd, but once you hear some of the challenges, you may think otherwise.

According to the Jimmy John's website, the Freaky Fast Rewards program is easy to join. Once you sign up for an account, you'll earn a free sandwich after your first order as a member. From there, the program tracks your orders and gets you one step closer to earning free sandwiches, sides, and beverages. The program also allows members to pay with their phones, see new sneak peek menu items, check out faster, and be treated with a birthday surprise.

Many of these perks are common among fast-food loyalty programs. However, Jimmy John's' new "gamification" approach, which veers away from the "buy and earn" method and allows customers to unlock achievement badges, is making things more interesting. But what kind of "badges" are customers being asked to collect, and what kind of perks are on offer?

How to earn achievement badges with Jimmy John's upgraded loyalty program

According to Nation's Restaurant News, Jimmy John's' revamped rewards program now allows members to earn digital badges based on their buying achievements. The company's Freaky Fast Rewards FAQ states that earning these achievements is simple. All you have to do is "complete an action, collect a badge, and add it to your stash."

One of the first achievements customers can accomplish is "The Gauntlet," where members must purchase all of the Jimmy John's sandwich varieties (25 in total) before March 15. Anyone who completes the challenge will not earn more points toward food but instead a bean bag chair shaped like a pouch of Jimmy Chips.

Nation's Restaurant News adds that Jimmy John's has hinted at future challenges for pickle and turkey lovers. There may even be a challenge for the midnight snackers of the world. Moreover, Jimmy John's' gamification twist could influence the future of fast-food rewards programs.