Every Hungry Man Frozen Entrée, Ranked Worst To Best

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Cooking meals from scratch every day may not sound like a good idea in theory, but it rarely feels that way in practice. If you have the motivation of a three-toed sloth after a long day at work (we feel you), a frozen meal might be what's for dinner.

Frozen meals don't have to taste like the forgotten leftovers from your elementary school cafeteria (but unfortunately, some of the options lining the grocery store freezers do). Some frozen meals can actually be quite appetizing and satisfying. 

We're only interested in eating delicious things. If a meal doesn't quite make the cut, we'll be the first to tell you all of our thoughts. While some of the Hungry Man Frozen dinners make for wonderful meal options, others are totally disappointing. If you're looking to eat one of these hassle-free frozen dinners, then it's best to know which meal option is the best so you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

13. Roasted Carved White Meat Turkey

The Hungry Man brand has taken an exceptionally dry turkey and turned it into a sad, Thanksgiving-esque meal. The Roasted Carved White Meat Turkey dinner doesn't have a lot of redeeming qualities. Between the small, under-filled containers and the bland potatoes, this meal certainly isn't the star of the Hungry Man dinner collection.

A reviewer named Cheryl noted that the dressing was chewy and the potatoes were bland. Additionally, while the vegetables are somewhat decent, they're certainly not enough to rescue the meager portions of this dish. This dish is just far too dry. 

We think the sweet treat is the best part, as it is an Apple Cranberry Compote that does actually remind us of Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Cheryl was correct: Hungry Man doesn't give you more than two bites of the refreshing fruit dessert. You'll only get about a condiment-sized portion of this cranberry, which truly is very disappointing.

12. Salisbury Steak

The Salisbury Steak dinner from Hungry Man comes with two meat patties, a side of green beans, mashed potatoes, and a brownie. For the price, it's hard to beat. However, the quality of this particular Hungry Man meal isn't quite where we wish it would be.

Some reviewers suggest making this in the oven rather than in the microwave, as the texture will be better. Unfortunately, not all of us have 40 minutes to wait for a meal to cook in the oven, and the mouthfeel suffers if you simply heat it up in the microwave.

As customer Matt G. explains, the steak just tastes extremely chewy. The taters are not eatable, and the texture of the green beans leaves much to be desired. This meal also tastes very salty.

Lesson learned: Don't make the Salisbury Steak from Hungry Man unless you have ample time to heat it up in the oven. Otherwise, the microwaved version will leave you feeling like you're eating an old shoe.

11. Home-Style Meatloaf

The Home-Style Meatloaf meal from Hungry Man is one of the more bland options you'll find in the freezer aisle. The meat isn't flavorful, and the mixed veggies are underwhelming. Similar to the other Hungry Man meals, the vegetable mix contains tiny pieces of green beans, carrots, and corn.

And we aren't the only ones who were underwhelmed. One customer notes that this meal really lacks flavor, and it definitely doesn't hold up to homemade meatloaf. Don't get us wrong: This meatloaf is edible, but you won't be singing to the gods about its otherworldly taste. 

And it certainly isn't your mom's rendition of the classic staple. Ultimately, this is a pretty average dish that may not be worth trying. If this is the only Hungry Man meal available to you, we recommend squirting a generous amount of ketchup on the meatloaf to make it more palatable. You're welcome in advance.

10. Beer Battered Chicken

The Beer Battered Chicken from Hungry Man had so much potential in theory, but Hungry Man has really dropped the ball on this one. The batter that this chicken is fried in is reminiscent of an old beer left out in the sun for too long rather than being a light and airy experience. 

It's a yeasty chicken, and the molting breading doesn't help the overall taste and texture. According to a customer, this meal is not wonderful, although it isn't horrible either. The mashed potatoes leave much to be desired, and the batter on the chicken tends to fall off. 

The only difference between the Meatloaf dinner and the Beer Battered Chicken is the protein itself. The mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, and brownies are identical in each meal. We determined the chicken itself was better than the meatloaf: It at least tastes like something, right?

This is another one of the Hungry Man dinners that we recommend you put in the oven versus the microwave. Unfortunately, all of the Hungry Man dinners take around 40 minutes to cook in the oven, so this may not be a realistic ask for everyone.

9. Smokin' Backyard Barbeque

The Smokin' Backyard Barbeque comes with both a chicken and a pork patty, which is quite odd. It isn't the worst taste-wise, but it almost seems like an afterthought when compared to other Hungry Man meals (like the drool-worthy Popcorn Chicken).

According to a customer named Vicki, this meal used to have significantly larger meat portions as well as a BBQ sauce that contain molasses. However, this Hungry Man meal features an unappetizing sauce and smaller portions. 

If you can't decide what to eat for dinner, we can see the Smokin' Backyard Barbeque being a good option for you since it offers two different types of meat smothered in sauce. Plus, you'll also be treated to a whopping 28 grams of protein, and we do like hitting our daily protein goals. However, once you consider the blandness of both patties, you may reconsider picking this dinner up at the store.

8. Grilled Beef Patty

Have you ever forgotten to pick up the buns for your burger? We have. The Grilled Beef Patty from Hungry Man gives us the meal equivalent; you'll get two burger patties with sides sans buns.

customer named Brittany explains that she does not enjoy the gravy and the beef patties. The potatoes, in particular, taste artificial. This meal takes far too long to heat up in the microwave, likely due to how strangely thick the patties are. The vegetables taste quite good but aren't enough to make up for the rest of the meal.  

We wish they had included buns with these patties, but we assume Hungry Man was trying to make a healthier version of a burger (or didn't want to include soggy buns). Regardless, we have a bone to pick with this subpar dinner: It simply does not get the job done for us. It's best to opt for a different meal. 

7. Spicy Boneless Fried Chicken Patties

The Spicy Boneless Fried Chicken Patties aren't quite giving akin to the Cajun Filet Biscuit from Bojangles, but they'll do for a quick dinner. If you have a spare biscuit lying around, we recommend eating it with one of these patties. The average taste of the meat quickly improves when paired with a delicious buttery biscuit.

One reviewer enjoyed the spicy aspects of this meal. This meal will warm up your mouth and your throat with its heat. If you're not into spicy foods, we recommend sticking with one of Hungry Man's more plain meals, like the Boneless Fried Chicken or the Southern-Fried Popcorn Chicken. 

You may find these patties pack more heat than you're comfortable with eating, especially if you don't love lots of seasoning. However, if you like and enjoy eating spicy food, this is your best option within the Hungry Man dinner collection.

6. Boneless Fried Chicken

The Boneless Fried Chicken meal is decent but forgettable. The so-called boneless fried chicken is essentially just nuggets with a different name. Plus, have you ever thought too hard about how they made this chicken boneless? We're definitely guilty of overthinking, but we are still pondering these hard-hitting questions. 

This meal is pretty good for a TV dinner. You'll get what you expect with this meal: The chicken tastes nice, and the mashed potatoes disappear in your mouth. The brownie has a texture that is more akin to a cake rather than a brownie. 

It's important to ensure that you give this frozen meal plenty of time to cook in the oven or microwave. The Boneless Fried Chicken takes a bit longer than the traditional Hungry Man dinner. We recommend baking this in the oven if you have time to spare, as it improves the texture and taste by leaps and bounds. 

5. Boneless Pork Rib Shaped Patties

The Boneless Pork Rib Shaped Patties come with a hefty serving of BBQ sauce, which is more sweet than smokey. However, this is a good switch up from Hungry Man's usual fried-meat repertoire, so we're fans of the positive change.

One customer really enjoyed the taste of the barbecue sauce and the thickness of the ribs. Since these patties have two different types of meat, they are quite flavorful. The mashed potatoes are wonderfully creamy and delicious. Since this meal also comes with dessert, you can enjoy both sweet and savory flavors.

Although this meal definitely wins points for taste, the patty concept is a little unnerving: Why must everything be formed into a lump of meat versus retaining its original form? If this isn't something that bothers you, you'll happily enjoy this warm, comforting meal, particularly since it is available for a reasonable price.

4. Country-Fried Chicken

If you grew up eating mom's country-fried food and want an easy way to replicate the taste as an adult, then the Country-Fried Chicken from Hungry Man is here to save the day. This particular meal comes with two chicken patties, a helping of mashed potatoes, green beans, fried apples, and gravy.

One reviewer, who doesn't typically opt for microwave meals, tried the Country-Fried Chicken and really enjoyed it. The chicken is quite moist, and the gravy is wonderfully thick and flavorful. These make for a quick and convenient meal, particularly if you have teenagers or young children in the house. This Hungry Man meal is highly comforting. 

We're also fans of the heaping 18 grams of protein that this Country-Fried Chicken meal contains. Whether you need a quick snack or dinner on a school night, this classic staple will not disappoint hungry people (see what we did there?).

3. Honey Bourbon Chicken

The Honey Bourbon Chicken from Hungry Man is essentially the same meal as the Classic Fried Chicken Strips with the addition of the sauce. If you enjoy dipping your chicken into sweet things (looking at you, honey mustard lovers), you'll really enjoy this dinner.

A reviewer writes that this meal makes for a convenient dinner that can be eaten while watching your favorite shows and movies on television. The portion sizes are pretty spot on, and it tastes just like a home-cooked meal. Customers seem to enjoy many of the different Hungry Man dinners, and once you've tried one, there's no reason not to try the others too.

We prefer the traditional strips to the Honey Bourbon Chicken variety, but you still can't go wrong with either of these inexpensive and flavorful meals. However, Hungry Man does lose a few points with us for neglecting to include a dessert with this meal (but it isn't the end of the world).

2. Classic Fried Chicken Strips

If you're trying to up your protein intake, you'll be in the green with the Classic Fried Chicken Strips from Hungry Man. This frozen meal gives you 19 grams of protein, which is much better than some other traditional freezer staples: With this meal, you know you're getting your nutrients and satisfying your taste buds. 

The texture of these strips is simply perfect. The chicken is crunchy and complements the mashed potatoes and the apple dessert really well. This meal will leave you feeling wholesome and satisfied. It's the perfect package of various different flavors that all come together in harmony.

Unlike the Beer-Battered Chicken from Hungry Man, these Classic Fried Chicken Strips are crisp and delicious (especially when paired with a side of ranch). If your mom ever said, "We have chicken strips at home," after you whined for Mcdonald's, these would actually make for a much tastier alternative. 

1. Southern-Fried Popcorn Chicken

The Southern-Fried Popcorn Chicken from Hungry Man makes all hopes, dreams, and wishes come true. Okay, that isn't even remotely true, but it is the crème de la crème of frozen meals, especially if you love fried food. Although this Hungry Man meal used to come with a side of green beans, the brand has since transitioned to serving corn instead, which is a huge win. 

According to customer Faith D., the popcorn chicken tastes quite incredible and is easy to make. It's suitable for both children and adults, and it can actually even be eaten as a snack during the day as it is not too heavy. 

Whether you're looking for a warm, comforting meal or just want something inexpensive to eat for dinner, the Southern-Fried Popcorn Chicken fits the bill. We love this meal option: It's tasty and wonderfully versatile. This is truly the best Hungry Man meal out there.