The Employee-Approved Hack To Get Vanilla Coke At McDonald's

This is a message, if not a love letter, to all the Coca-Cola Vanilla lovers out there — we commend you. Because out of all Coca-Cola's flavored drinks, vanilla's journey has been one of the most perilous. As Southern Kitchen reports, the cream-like treat first debuted in 2002. However, Fox Business notes that vanilla-flavored Coke was discontinued just a few years later, in 2005 after its sales numbers left a lot to be desired. But the soda's fans didn't let this stand long, and an outcry for the specialty Coke's return eventually brought the cans back to the soda aisle with steady success. However, like many flavored sodas, you'll still be hard-pressed to buy a vanilla coke at a fast food joint — unless you know about this hack.

Vanilla Coke fans, by dropping by McDonald's, you can finally order this beloved soda with your fast food. Because according to the Daily Dot, McDonald's employee and TikToker Robert Nofer has revealed a trick that will ensure you can wash down your next Big Mac with an iced-cold vanilla coke.

Hack McDonald's flavored syrups to order a vanilla coke

"They don't call me a genius for nothing," Robert Nofer, whose username is mcdonalds_hacks101, wrote in the caption of the TikTok video that revealed the vanilla coke hack. According to Nofer, to make this McDonald's trick work, you'll first need to (of course) order a Coke. However, you should ask your server to add the French vanilla syrup that McDonald's usually reserves for its coffee treats to your soda. Then mix it up and enjoy the closest thing you can get to an authentic fountain vanilla coke.

However, because the original video showcased the TikToker making a vanilla coke behind the scenes at his job, you may be wondering if this is a Coca-Cola hack that's off-limits to McDonald's customers. It seems The Daily Dot had a similar concern and asked Nofer to prove his Coke trick would work for anyone at any McDonald's with vanilla syrup. Nofer obliged the outlet's request and made an additional video where he tried out the same hack at a McDonald's he didn't work at. After asking for medium-sized coke with "a couple of splashes" of French vanilla syrup, the McDonald's employee reported the location was able to fulfill his order. But while this off-the-menu trick is perfect for Coca-Cola Vanilla fans, it's only one of the many ways McDonald's lovers can hack the chain's soda.

Other off-menu McDonald's sodas

As long as we have the internet, you won't ever have to settle for ordering a run-of-the-mill soda at McDonald's. For example, here's another vanilla-flavored Coke hack that involves a sweet treat. According to one TikTok video, you can make your own McDonald's Coke float by dipping a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone into your soda. And if you love all creamy-tasting drinks, another TikToker revealed you can combine Hi-C orange with McDonald's coffee creamer to enjoy an orange-cream-soda-esque cup of pop.

Or you can try a hack that will allow you to sip on something that resembles another member of the Coca-Cola clan: Coca-Cola Cherry. While McDonald's doesn't have cherry syrup, it does have a Frozen Fanta wild cherry slush. So, according to a TikTok from the same employee who revealed the Coca-Cola Vanilla hack, you can ask for a Coca-Cola slush with "a splash" of wild cherry to enjoy your very own frozen Coca-Cola Cherry. And after trying out these tricks, you might become a (un)certified McDonald's soda mixology expert before you know it.