Where Is Wicked Good Cupcakes From Shark Tank Today?

According to Boston Voyager, mother-daughter duo Tracey Noonan and Danielle Vilagie began participating in cake decorating classes in 2010 as a way to bond. In fact, the two quickly realized that they loved the work, and family and friends were quick to compliment their creations after they started posting photos online. Soon, people were reaching out to inquire about custom orders, and the two decided to take a chance on opening up their own bakery. Wicked Good Cupcakes launched its first location in Cohasset, Massachusetts in 2011, according to its website.

After the duo opened the doors to their bakery, they decided to come up with a way to ship their cupcakes to those who weren't local. The solution? Cupcakes in mason jars. They filled mason jars with alternating layers of fresh-baked cake, fillings, and frosting. The jar lids acted as a seal, allowing the desserts to stay fresh for up to 10 days — perfect for shipping. As the company began to see success, Noonan decided to apply to showcase the company on "Shark Tank" in order to take their endeavors to the next level.

The duo wanted to expand their business

As the two explained in their opening pitch, Tracey Noonan and Danielle Vilagie brought Wicked Good Cupcakes to "Shark Tank" Season 4, Episode 22, in order to expand their business (via YouTube). Both owners stated that the company was growing too quickly for them to keep up with demand — the two even worked up to 14 hours per day. However, they knew that with a little help, they could keep their vision for the company and make a sizable profit in the process. To accomplish their goals, they sought a $75,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in the company.

As the two owners passed out samples of the cupcakes in a jar, they pitched the products to the Sharks. They shared that they have three main sources of revenue: in-store, online, and wholesale clients. Notably, the two made sure to point out that the extra cost to use mason jars was well worth it to their customers, many of whom pointed out that they loved the crafty, homemade feel of the product. While some of the Sharks weren't convinced due to the risk of the company's ideas being replicated, the short shelf life, and the slim profit margins, Kevin O'Leary saw the potential. 

He offered the business owners the $75,000 they sought, but he opted out of taking the equity — instead, he asked for a dollar per every cupcake jar sold, until he received his $75,000 back. After that, he sought 50 cents per jar. The business owners countered with 40 cents per jar, to which O'Leary suggested 45 cents. The three of them were able to come to an agreement, and Wicked Good Cupcakes walked away with an extra $75,000 to help the business.

The company saw success after the show

The publicity from the show helped Wicked Good Cupcakes take off in popularity, according to the company's website. The name became nationally recognized, and Boston Voyager reports that the company received a year's worth of orders in just two weeks — around 600% growth in the year after the show first aired, and continued growth afterward.

In "Shark Tank" Season 8, Episode 7, viewers received an update on the status of Wicked Good Cupcakes, and it was all good news. Co-owner Tracey Noonan reported that the company made over $10 million in sales after the episode aired, as compared to $150,000 before their "Shark Tank" appearance. The mother-daughter duo had also partnered with multiple companies, including Cinnabon. To put it lightly, all three members of the deal seemed extremely pleased by its impact. Kevin O'Leary even stopped by Wicked Good Cupcakes' new, larger location (via YouTube), where he signed jars for fans and completed the millionth sale to one lucky customer.

In 2021, Hickory Farms acquired Wicked Good Cupcakes. Today, these jarred cupcakes can be purchased from a variety of places. According to the Wicked Good Cupcakes website, they are still available for order online. You can also purchase them in person at select GiftSource by Hickory Farms stores and, if you live near Fort Wayne, Indiana, you can even visit the Wick Good Cupcakes food truck.