Where Is Schulzies Bread Pudding From Shark Tank Today?

Some culinary creations in existence today were born out of a need to conserve food and make it last longer. This was the case with bread pudding, according to O&H Danish Bakery. The dish is believed to have originated in England in the 11th century, where it was referred to as "poor man's pudding." 

The early recipe consisted of scraps of leftover bread that had gone stale, sugar, spices, and hot water. The addition of water softened the stale bread to make it more palatable, while baking imbued it with a nice, crunchy outer texture. Later in history, the recipe was tweaked to include the ingredients commonly found in the dish today, such as eggs, cream, and butter.

Bread pudding is now considered a delectable dessert, often enjoyed on holidays, notes The Daily Gazette. In addition to the more common ingredients, many bakers also include apples, nuts, candied fruits, chocolate, and other sweet selections to elevate the dessert to the next level. In addition to baking bread pudding at home, many restaurants, coffee shops, and food manufacturers also have versions of the dish. This was the case with Schulzies Bread Pudding owner Sarah Schulz, who brought her desserts to "Shark Tank" in the hopes of landing a deal.

Even the best bread pudding needs a solid business plan

Per the Shark Tank Blog, Schulzies Bread Pudding owner Sarah Schulz appeared on Season 5, Episode 8 of the hit reality TV show. The entrepreneur sought an investment of $160,000, for which she offered a 20% share in her business. 

As for her products, many of the Sharks expressed fondness for Schulzies Bread Pudding, even enjoying a second helping after her appearance. However, the major issue was Schulz's business plan — or lack thereof, per the Gazette Review.

Prior to her "Shark Tank" appearance, Schulz opened a new San Francisco location to sell her desserts, leaving behind a smaller and more cost-effective establishment based in Venice Beach. As a result, her operating costs became far more expensive, which cut into her profits. Many of the Sharks questioned the move, stating that Schulz's ambitions were outpacing the success of the company. According to Mark Cuban, Schulz herself was the "biggest risk" to the business, and his sentiment was mirrored by the other hosts. Accordingly, Schulz didn't receive an investment offer.

The Sharks' reluctance to invest proves prescient

Eater San Francisco reports that Schulzies Bread Pudding's Hayes Valley location shut down in 2015, just two years after its opening. Owner Sarah Schulz told Eater that her new goal for her bread pudding was to establish a "Schulzies online and grocery presence."

However, it doesn't appear that Schulz was able to meet her goal of making Schulzies Bread Pudding a nationally available brand. For instance, the domain for her website has expired, and the Schulzies Bread Pudding social media pages have not been updated in some time. The company's last post on Instagram is from 2016, with one commenter asking, "where'd you go?" Twitter and Facebook are similarly devoid of recent posts, although the brand did update its Facebook bio in 2020. 

As for Schulz's personal LinkedIn profile, the entrepreneur is still listed as the founder and owner of Schulzies Bread Pudding.