The Best Time In The Week To Shop At Costco

Online shopping proposes a convenient solution for stocking your home; many shoppers love using online services to have their groceries and other essentials delivered. According to Statista, approximately 150 million people regularly shop for groceries online, and e-commerce profits are projected to reach $47 billion by 2025. But many consumers still prefer the in-person shopping experience.

Per a 2021 study conducted by Raydiant, 46% of respondents said they preferred shopping in physical locations. This has much to do with the experience that in-store shopping offers; 33% of respondents said they wanted to "see and feel the products."

And the tactile experience is alive and well at Costco, which boasts more than 94 million members, per CNBC. Fans of the chain are so devoted to the experience that they've developed hacks to get the most out of it. One such hack? Going to the warehouse on days that it's less crowded.

Enjoy a smooth shopping experience by planning accordingly

A little forethought can go a long way when planning a visit to Costco, according to Reader's Digest. There are certain times when shoppers can beat the crowds for a fast and efficient Costco shopping experience. Mondays and Fridays tend to be busiest at the store, as shoppers will either be purchasing groceries to cover the entire week or getting what they need for the weekend. Weekends are also not ideal, as most people will be shopping on their days off. Accordingly, your best bet is to plan a visit between Tuesday and Thursday.

As for timing your weekday visit, afternoons between 3 and 5 pm appear to be best in terms of capacity. Hitting Costco during this time lets you sidestep the lunch rush. It also allows you to avoid the after-work crowds, as many people work 9-to-5 jobs and go shopping once their workday has ended. 

If these times don't work for you, you can also plan a visit approximately one hour prior to the store closing on weekdays. (Keep in mind that closing hours can vary at different stores, so it's best to verify the hours for your location via the Find a Warehouse page on the Costco website.)

How to make your Costco budget go even further

One things members love the most about Costco is its bulk buying model. Buying groceries in bulk is convenient, and it saves shoppers money on essentials. 

And as Insider explains, there are other effective methods shoppers use at Costco to keep their household budgets in check. For instance, shopping from the store's Kirkland Signature private brand reduces costs without sacrificing quality on grocery staples, cleaning products, and countless other items. You can find even greater deals by visiting the pallet displays in the middle of the store, which often include numerous bargains.

Shoppers are also encouraged to be discerning when it comes to reading Costco's price tags. Products with prices ending in $0.97 indicate that the item's price has been reduced. Shoppers should also look for stars on the warehouse's price display tags, which signal that the products won't be replenished.