The New Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Will Be Full Of Surprises

The NFL playoff picture is set, and the road to the Super Bowl LVII is ready to kick off. (There won't be a rerun of 2022's Los Angeles Rams victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, as the Rams missed the playoffs this year.) Regardless of who's playing, though, snack food sales are sure to spike ahead of the big game. In 2022, snack foods sales increased by 12.5% to a whopping $487 million during Super Bowl week, according to a press release from SNAC International.

The biggest increases are refrigerated dips, at 33.3%, followed by tortilla chips at 26.5%. For home cooks, there are certainly no shortage of irresistible dip recipes you can make for the Super Bowl. But even the most ambitious home cook probably isn't frying tortilla chips on Game Day.

With that in mind, Doritos is sparing no expense with its Super Bowl commercials. Super Bowl ads in 2023 will cost as much as a record $7 million, per Sportico. And Doritos will do its best to top its 2022 ad, which featured Charlie Puth and Megan Three Stallion's rendition of Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It."

Dance your way into the Doritos Super Bowl commercial

According to People, the 2023 Doritos Super Bowl ad campaign will highlight the recently introduced Sweet and Tangy BBQ chips. Doritos' new flavor of corn tortilla chips will star alongside a mystery celebrity.

As in previous years, Doritos is seeking help from fans. The decade-long Crash the Super Bowl contest was incredibly popular and had everyone talking. But that campaign ended in 2016, according to AdWeek. Those full-fledged videos offered a massive cash prize (and amazing exposure) for folks who could write, direct, cast, edit, and submit a hit.

This year, you only need a social media account and some dance moves to get paid. (Use the dance from @vibin.wit.tay as a guide for your choreography.) The TikTok hashtags #DoritosTriangleTryout and #Entry will get you a shot at a chance to be in the Doritos ad. The Doritos contest is open for submissions, and the three finalists will be announced on January 13.