What's The Shelf Life On Those Giant Tubs Of Peanut Butter Pretzels?

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According to Positively Pennsylvania, the average U.S. snacker nibbles through two pounds of pretzels a year. We may know that Auntie Anne's treats and Major League Baseball's iconic ballpark pretzels are likely inspiring Americans to satiate their hunger with several servings of this salty snack. But we're also pretty sure that those huge tubs of peanut butter pretzels help keep the U.S.'s pretzel consumption numbers high. 

From Target to Sam's Club, grocers across the U.S. have long housed gallons brimming with tiny, peanut butter-filled pretzels. Most of these tubs are filled with 44 ounces worth of peanut butter and pretzel treats. So that means when you buy one of these jars, you'll be stocking your pantry with a whopping 41 servings of this savory snack. But while these tubs' high pretzel content and low prices have made them a staple for budget snackers and pretzel fans, you may be wondering if you'll be able to eat all those tasty little treats before they expire. However, you may also not be sure when you have to send your big pretzel jug to the trash can. 

The low down on your peanut butter pretzels tub's shelf life

So, how long do you have to make your way through these peanut butter-filled pretzels? Well, as frustrating as this may be, the answers actually vary. For example, Quinn Snacks reported on Amazon, once it makes it out of its factories, its pretzel treats last for 10 months. However, Campbell's states its signature peanut butter-filled pretzel pieces only last for 273 Days — or a little over 8 months. So why do these dates vary?

Pretzels usually have a pretty fickle shelf life. While Still Tasty notes most manufacturers report your pretzels to have an expiration date, they're still safe to eat even when the best-by date passes. Really, that date is more so about how fresh your pretzels will taste when you bite into them. Live Science reports that peanut butter (which the U.S. Department of Agriculture states can last up to nine months unopened and three months opened) has a "best by" date that acts in the same way. However, there seems to be one general consensus on your pretzel jar's shelf life.

As long as you still like their taste, your PB pretzels are okay to eat

Your peanut butter pretzels likely won't go bad until they show signs of discoloration or mold growth, per Still Tasty. That being said, they may start to taste stale or rancid after an extended period of time. So while you can use your label's manufacturer's best-by-date as a guide, you ultimately get to decide when it's time to dump out your pretzels.

And to make sure your snack stays fresh for as long as possible, Still Tasty reports you need to keep your peanut butter and pretzel-filled jar in a cool and dry place in your pantry. According to WebMD, mold is attracted to warmth and moisture, so this will make the fungi less likely to grow on your pretzel pieces. And, as Target notes, be certain to always keep your jar's lid screwed on tight. Per Insider, this will keep the pretzels safe from experiencing oxygen exposure and turning stale.