The Ice Cube Hack That Keeps Beer Cold Without Watering It Down

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There really is no shortage of "life hacks" to help you make basic things easier or more fun. You can find tips and advice for cooking, cleaning, hosting, and more. There are even some great tips how to elevate your all of your boozy drinks for special occasions, holiday gatherings, and random weekend parties.

For example, Wine Maker says you can freeze grapes and use them to chill your wine without risking it becoming watered down. When you use ice cubes made from water, they will eventually melt, and then you are adding water to the wine, which dilutes its flavor. Or there are whiskey stones, such as these ones sold on Amazon, that can do something similar for liquors. You just freeze them, drop them into your drink, and enjoy a cold beverage without the added water. You can even use a version of the grape hack to keep your beer cold.

Using beer ice cubes to cool beer

Ice cold beer is one of the best alcoholic drinks because it fits well with just about any celebration or occasion where booze is being enjoyed. However, it doesn't take long for beer to start getting warm, and then it may not taste so great. Of course, you don't want to put ice cubes in your beer, because watered-down beer may be worse than watered-down wine. You could use whiskey stones, but according to Sip Dark, they are meant for smaller drinks, around 3-5 ounces. So, what's the answer?

According to BuzzFeed, you can freeze some beer in an ice cube tray and simply drop a few cubes into your glass of beer once it starts to go warm. They will chill the beer without watering it down — much like the frozen grapes — because when they melt, they simply become more beer. Good Food Stories says that beer from a single 12-ounce can fits perfectly into a standard ice cube tray.

Making beer cubes

Because beer foams as you pour it, you should be sure to pour the beer slowly into the ice cube tray. Then, place the tray on a flat surface in your freezer to ensure that the cubes freeze all the way. According to Sound Brewery, beer is mostly made up of water, so it freezes at about the same rate as water. 

Science World says that hot water actually freezes faster than cold water, thanks to evaporation. While you don't want to warm up a beer before using it for ice cubes, you can speed up the process of freezing by allowing the can to come to room temperature before you pour it out into the ice cube tray. If you find that your beer cubes won't release from the tray once they've frozen, Reader's Digest suggests running the bottom of the ice tray under cold water. This will help melt the cubes slightly to loosen them, making it easier for you to remove them.