What Happened To Atlas Monroe After Shark Tank?

Plant-based meats are all the rage these days as more people pursue meat-free lifestyles for environmental and health reasons. Accordingly, manufacturers of plant-based meat substitutes face a thriving market where consumers are practically clamoring for quality products, per Supermarket News. Founded by Jonathan and Deborah Torres, Atlas Monroe is one such business that provides vegan fried "chicken" that is completely plant-based, according to CNBC.

In 2019, the entrepreneurs brought their product to "Shark Tank" in the hopes of securing an investor. And initially, the appearance was off to a solid start. The judges marveled at the taste of the dish, with co-host Barbara Corcoran exclaiming that she was "fooled" by the authenticity of the plant-based product. However, Deborah Torres was unable to provide clear sales figures, which turned off most of the hosts. 

Only Mark Cuban and guest host Rohan Oza remained interested in a deal and ultimately offered a combined $1 million for 100% of the company, with the Torreses receiving 10% in sales royalties. The couple turned down the offer, with Deborah Torres stating that the "extraordinary" nature of the product would result in much higher profits, per Green Queen. As time would show, Deborah Torres was ultimately proved right.

Vegan fried chicken takes flight

A 2021 interview with VegNews highlights the many achievements Deborah Torres and Atlas Monroe have made since appearing on "Shark Tank." The acquisition of a San Diego warehouse in 2021 allowed the brand to fulfill a much larger volume of orders. 

The company has also exceeded more than $2 million in profits since its appearance on the reality TV show. According to the Atlas Monroe website, vegan chicken lovers can order online, visit certain restaurants, or pick up products at the business's San Diego pop-up location.

Despite these successes, Torres was not satisfied with the way she was portrayed on "Shark Tank." She cited questionable editing during the episode, which Torres claims made her appear as though she was unsure of financial information. However, she believes the experience was integral in cementing her status as the "sole owner of the world's largest vegan fried chick'n manufacturing company." (Per the Shark Tank Blog, co-founder Jonathan Torres eventually left the business.) Atlas Monroe is a prime example of the many benefits a savvy business sense and an amazing product can bring entrepreneurs.