The Best Dishes At Texas Roadhouse, Ranked

Since first opening up its doors in 1993, Texas Roadhouse has gone on to become one of the most successful steakhouse chains in the country. With nearly 600 locations around the United States and over 20 more spots around the globe, Texas Roadhouse serves about 300,000 meals to its diners every single day (via Texas Roadhouse). So, what's the secret to the steakhouse's surprisingly swift and lucrative expansion? No mystery here: It has a lot to do with the fact that the restaurant makes its dishes from scratch. By making food from scratch, Texas Roadhouse offers a higher level of freshness, which keeps diners coming back for more.

All of the steaks are fresh — never frozen — and cut to order by an in-house butcher. Salad dressings, bacon bits, croutons, and even those deliciously fluffy yeast rolls with honey cinnamon butter are all made from scratch. With its focus on freshness, Texas Roadhouse has created a menu with tons of other tasty dishes. But how should you know which dishes are the best? We're here to help and happy to shine a light on some of the restaurant's tastiest creations. So kick back, relax, and take a peek at what one of America's most beloved steakhouses has to offer.

12. Texas Red Chili

There's nothing quite like a steaming bowl of fresh chili. Hearty, warming, and deeply satisfying, chili is one of the most comforting stews around. That said, not all chilis are created equal. The quality can vary from bowl-to-bowl between restaurants, depending on the type of meat used and the freshness of the ingredients. Luckily for us, Texas Roadhouse knows how to cook up a killer batch of this comfort food classic, which is easily one of the highlights on its menu.

In fact, some diners love the Texas red chili at Texas Roadhouse so much that they've turned to the internet to find the recipe. The good news is that the restaurant shared the recipe, which consists of classic ingredients like ground beef, fresh garlic, tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños. While the chili at Texas Roadhouse isn't necessarily breaking new ground, it's made fresh and it's consistently delicious. The bottom line: It's tough to find a fresh bowl of chili this tasty at a massive chain restaurant, but Texas Roadhouse pulls it off and knocks it out of the park. If you're looking for a little something to warm the soul, look no further than the Texas Red Chili on the menu.

11. BBQ Pork

Any fan of southern barbecue is bound to sing the praises of barbecue pulled pork. Smokey and savory with a delicate texture that practically melts in your mouth, barbecue pulled pork is one of the tastiest types of meats around. Often served in between buns on sandwiches, or on platters with different sides, there's no doubt that barbecue pork is a major staple when it comes to grilled goodies. So it should come as no surprise that a meat-centric operation like Texas Roadhouse offers up its own version of this hog-heavy crowd-pleaser.

Fans of the barbecue pulled pork at Texas Roadhouse are quick to point out the generous portions that the restaurant doles out for its dinner entree, which is often more than enough for two meals. But beyond the impressive quantity, there's just the simple fact that it's delicious. Tender and a little tangy, the barbecue pulled pork at Texas Roadhouse hits all the right notes when it comes to flavor. Whether you order it on a sandwich in a soft bun or as a dinner with some freshly toasted bread and some of your favorite sides, any lover of barbecue is bound to dig the succulent pulled pork at Texas Roadhouse.

10. Bacon Cheeseburger

If you ask us for our two pennies, we tend to think that burgers at steakhouses are underrated. Sure, steakhouses are obviously known for their steaks — which we love and enjoy — but lots of steakhouses also make sure to have a few top-notch burgers on the menu, too. And when it comes to handheld fare from the grill, the classic bacon cheeseburger reigns supreme. The luxuriously delicious combination of fire-licked beef with crispy slices of smoked bacon provides juicy bursts of flavor, bite after bite. The bacon cheeseburger at Texas Roadhouse is a shining example of how a steakhouse chain can still manage to whip up a highly respectable burger despite its focus on steaks.

The Texas Roadhouse iteration comes with a thick, juicy burger patty, melted slices of creamy American cheese, and crackling strips of bacon along with a pickle spear and steak fries on the side. Diners rave about how excellent the bacon cheeseburger is, which should come as no surprise, considering the focus on freshness at Texas Roadhouse. If you're in the mood for some beef but not exactly up to the task of taking down a steak, opting for the bacon cheeseburger is an extremely wise move.

9. Chicken Critter Salad

Salads can be surprisingly filling, even though many of us tend to think of them as light and healthy. The reality, however, is that plenty of restaurant salads are loaded with decadent toppings like slices of fire-grilled steak, piles of crumbled bacon, and chopped strips of deep-fried chicken. Texas Roadhouse continues in this tradition with its chicken critter salad, which comes with a tasty mound of crispy fried chicken over fresh greens, a jack and cheddar cheese blend, tomato, hard boiled egg, and bacon. The salad comes with the homemade dressing of your choosing, but we'd like to humbly recommend the blue cheese, since it pairs so perfectly with the combination of fried chicken, tomatoes, and bacon.

According to a server who allegedly works at Texas Roadhouse, the chicken critter salad is one of the best things on the menu. It's easy to see why since you can't really go wrong with sizzling strips of fried chicken. So the next time you find yourself at a Texas Roadhouse with a big appetite, don't sleep on the salad section — there's plenty to choose from that will fill you up. If there's a more delicious way to get your greens in, we aren't aware of it.

8. Cactus Blossom

There's something special about fried onions. In just about every other form (raw, sauteed, caramelized, and roasted), they bring some flavor to the table, but it's nothing to write home about. But when an immense onion takes a plunge into some seasoned batter and gets deep-fried until it's crunchy and golden brown, there's some inexplicably delicious magic going on. The end result is a soft and sweet interior encased in a crispy, salted shell that provides some truly mouthwatering textural contrast. Throw in a zesty dipping sauce and this dish provides some top-tier snackage.

Strikingly similar to the famous Bloomin' Onion at Outback Steakhouse, the Cactus Blossom at Texas Roadhouse cashes in on our endless enchantment with dressed up, deep-fried root vegetables. Plenty of diners are happy to chime in and point out how delicious this appetizer is. Because it's so massive, this is definitely a dish best enjoyed with a few other people so that you can save some room to check out more of the menu. One thing's for sure, though, when you taste the Cactus Blossom at Texas Roadhouse, it's bound to be love at first bite.

7. Country Fried Sirloin

Is there a dish more deliciously indulgent than country fried steak? Breaded and deep-fried until golden brown, country fried steak is crunchy and seasoned on the outside, yet beautifully tender on the inside. Bathed in a creamy country gravy, this dish tops the charts when it comes to heartiness. That said, some restaurants take a lot of shortcuts, sacrificing freshness and flavor for the sake of convenience. The good news is that Texas Roadhouse doesn't. 

Instead of buying bags of frozen, pre-made country fried steak (as many other restaurants often do), the steakhouse takes the time to cut its sirloin fresh on site. Then the kitchen breads each cut of sirloin by hand and whips up a creamy country gravy from scratch. The end result is a crispy country fried steak bursting with tenderness and flavor that's bound to knock your socks off. The next time you're in the mood for steak and you find yourself at Texas Roadhouse, consider treating yourself to this heavy hitter. Paired with a couple of sides like mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables, the country fried sirloin is a truly glorious feast. In fact, this dish is so good that some diners will order more to take home for later after finishing a whole plate at the restaurant. If there's any dish on the menu that can spark a wildly ravenous appetite, it's this one.

6. Tater Skins

Potatoes are impressively versatile, and whether you roast, mash, bake, or fry them, no matter how you cut it or cook it, you can always count on the almighty potato to deliver some comforting deliciousness. That said, one of our favorite ways to enjoy potatoes is in the form of potato skins. Sliced into thick wedges, fried crispy, and seasoned, and then smothered with toppings like melted cheese, chives, and bacon, potato skins have a way of hitting the spot in the best way possible. If you find yourself on the prowl for a tasty batch, the Tater Skins at Texas Roadhouse won't let you down.

This tasty appetizzer comes with eight wedges that are topped with cheddar cheese and homemade bacon bits. Served with a side of sour cream for dipping, these tater skins hit all the right notes. They're cheesy and savory, yet slightly smokey from the bacon bits, and the sour cream provides a soothing dip to balance out the saltiness. Some of the best things in life are simple pleasures — and there's no doubt that the tater skins at Texas Roadhouse will bring you some scrumptious joy. In fact, some diners say that Texas Roadhouse makes the best tater skins they've ever had.

5. Fresh Rolls and Honey Cinnamon Butter

Oddly enough, one of the best things to eat at Texas Roadhouse happens to be something you don't have to pay for, which come in the form of the complimentary fresh rolls and honey cinnamon butter. While it's true that plenty of other restaurants offer free bread to rev up your appetite while you wait for your food, anyone who's tasted the rolls at Texas Roadhouse knows there's something special about these fluffy little baked bundles of heaven. The amazingness of these rolls stems from the fact that the restaurant bakes them fresh every five minutes, which ensures an exceptionally soft serving every single time.

The good news is that if you really love the rolls at Texas Roadhouse but you want some extra to enjoy at home, you can always buy a dozen of them for five bucks at the restaurant to bake in your own oven — and you can even score some more of that legendary honey cinnamon to smear them with for just a couple bucks more. Time and time again, diners gush about how tasty these yeast rolls are, and if you haven't been to a Texas Roadhouse yet, you're in for a real treat when that basket of bread comes out. The warming sparkle of cinnamon mixed with the creamy sweetness of honey blended with butter provides the perfect balance for these yeasty pillows. Just be sure to save some room for the rest of your meal!

4. Sirloin and Shrimp combo

Surf and turf is inherently satisfying because it doesn't get much better than being able to sample a forkful of flame-licked beef along with the briny yet mildly sweet taste of shrimp at the same time. In a way, it's like a microcosm of planet Earth on your plate as land-roaming fare and sea creatures converge on a circular orb. Perhaps no dish better exemplifies the bounty of the modern age more deliciously than this.

And when it comes to surf and turf, Texas Roadhouse puts a few succulent options on the table under the Texas-sized combos section of the menu. Juicy shrimp can be paired with a few different cuts of beef, including sirloin, ribeye, and a filet. In this context, the intense beefiness of sirloin works wonders when it's coupled with large shrimp drizzled in garlic lemon pepper butter. Each bite somehow tastes better than the last, and before you know it, you'll find yourself mopping up your final forkful with some of that citrusy butter sauce. When you can't decide between steak or seafood, there's no need to limit yourself at Texas Roadhouse — go for the sirloin and shrimp combo to get the best of both worlds.

3. Steak Filet Salad

There's no reason that you can't get your greens in while also enjoying a juicy, delicious steak. Because steak is fairly heavy, it's easy to feel like you need to balance it out with some fresh vegetables — and a steak salad offers the perfect opportunity. While Texas Roadhouse offers a handful of great fresh salads on its menu, the steak filet option is easily one of its best.

Made on a cold bed of fresh greens gently tossed with homemade Italian dressing, the steak filet salad comes with succulent, fire-licked strips of grilled steak, blue cheese crumbles, bacon bits, red onions, tomatoes, and croutons. The blue cheese provides a pleasantly pungent bite of dairy, while the tomatoes provide some natural, earthy sweetness. When the salad is well-mixed, every bite packs a punch of big flavors. It doesn't get much better than crunchy greens, perfectly cooked steak, and homemade dressing. When you want to enjoy the hearty beefiness of a great steak but you're also craving some fresh veggies, look no further than the steak filet salad at Texas Roadhouse.

2. Ribs

Tearing away some juicy rib meat straight off the bone speaks to the inner animal in all of us. Meaty and slightly charred from the grill, ribs are often basted in a tangy barbecue sauce for an extra layer of mouthwatering flavor. Texas Roadhouse bills its ribs as "fall-off-the-bone," which is an apt description for a slab of meat this tender. Fans of Texas Roadhouse are quick to claim that the restaurant whips up some of the tastiest ribs around.

Slow cooked in a special blend of seasonings and then gently brushed with the restaurant's signature barbecue sauce, the ribs at Texas Roadhouse are shockingly delicious for a large restaurant chain. You can order them in a half slab or a full slab and each portion comes with your choice of two sides. Pair these lusciously glazed ribs with a baked potato and some buttered corn and you'll be in heaven.

1. Ribeye steak

When it comes to steak, ribeye is always a top-notch choice. According to Smoked BBQ Source, the reason ribeye is such a popular cut is due to its thorough marbling of intramuscular fat. These thin webs of fat throughout the ribeye help the beef maintain its moisture, resulting in an exceptionally tender consistency. Another reason that ribeye has that incredible melt-in-your-mouth texture is because this cut of beef is taken from a muscle in the cow that's mostly inactive, which makes the meat extra delicate.

The ribeye steak at Texas Roadhouse is available in four different sizes, ranging from 10 ounces all the way up to 16 ounces. Keep in mind that Texas Roadhouse also has a bone-in ribeye, but that cut only comes in one massive size, clocking in at a whopping 20 ounces. Plenty of diners rave about the ribeye, touting its amazing tenderness and perfect seasoning. With so many dishes to choose from at Texas Roadhouse, it can be challenging to make a choice — but rest assured, the ribeye steak is one of the very best decisions you can make.