Here's Why You Should Be Grilling Fish With The Skin On

There's nothing better than cooking up a nice piece of fresh fish on the grill. If done right, it can turn out tender, flaky, and delicious. Eating fish also provides the added benefit of being good for you. It's packed with protein, minerals, and vitamins such as B12, which can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease and dementia. Fish are also a healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to improved brain and heart health (via WebMD).

However, there are some common mistakes everyone makes when grilling seafood that you need to be wary of including the miscalculations of overcooking or undercooking fish, or not properly thawing your fish before tossing it on the grill (per The Better Fish). Another important consideration that perhaps swims under the radar is why you should be grilling fish with the skin on. Using this technique can help ensure that you get the most out of your catch of the day.

A more flavorful fillet

Grilling fish with the skin on can enhance the overall flavor of the fillet and retain juiciness and moisture better than if the skin is removed. When a fish is cooked on the grill sans skin, it is more susceptible to direct heat and could be prone to drying out. The skin provides an added layer of protection that locks juices in like a snug blanket (per The New York Times).

The whole fish cooking method can also lead to flakier fish and reduces the amount of sticking of fillets to the grill. Of course, it will aid the process if you have adequately cleaned your grill grate before putting on the fish (via The Washington Post). Oiling and seasoning fish with the skin left on prior to grilling can further help prevent sticking as well, according to Weber.

The skin-on approach helps keep the fillet from falling apart, too. And once the fish has finished cooking, don't forget that the skin is perfectly edible and tasty, a piece of charred, crispy goodness that shouldn't be wasted (per Food Republic).