The Pantry Staple That Can Help Fix Super Spicy Dishes

Nothing creates more desperation in the kitchen than a dish that came out wrong, especially after arduous work, and guests with big expectations. Perhaps, you added too much salt, didn't measure the amount of lemon juice, forgot the sweet topping, or made something spicier than it should be. This last one can create a stressful situation because not everyone is good at handling the heat that spicy dishes have, like a curry-based meal or a hot pot with extra chili. This type of food usually has an active ingredient known as capsaicin, which is detected in the tongue and sends our brain the message that this food is hot (via BBC Science Focus) — that it really burns.

But, don't worry, if your dish is super spicy, your hard work is not lost. There are ways to fix this with ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. Many advise adding sugar or fat to balance the spicy dish, or maybe something more adventurous like peanut butter. If you don't want to alter or manipulate the dish anymore, you can save the meal with a rich side. Get ready, it's probably time to steam some rice!

Serve spicy foods with carbs

Your dish is probably too hot because you added more spice than you needed to, which is a common mistake. According to My Food Book, carbs and starchy food can save your dish. This food group includes bread, pasta, rice, quinoa, breakfast cereals, oats, and grains. Because of its starchiness, carbs help temper and dilute the spiciness. These also help control the levels of spiciness you can handle, making it easier to enjoy the meal, as EatingWell explains. For example, serve a slice of your favorite bread with the dish, even better if it's slathered in melted butter to add casein, the milk protein that helps with heat handling.

Kitchen Ambition suggests serving a spicy Asian dish with noodles and chili over a baked potato. Of course, rice probably is the favorite staple to serve with any dish. Aside from absorbing the burn, carbs add bulk to the dish, and you and your guests will feel full and satisfied when finished eating. Plus, aren't carbs delicious? A spicy Chicken Tikka Masala is not the same if not eaten with a piece of classic naan bread and basmati rice, and now you know why.