The Ultimate Ranking Of Vitaminwater Flavors

Founded by Glaceau's Energy Brands in 2000, Vitaminwater quickly became one of best-selling sports drink brands in the world before it was purchased by Coca-Cola in 2007. With a unique repertoire of clever flavors and combinations, Vitaminwater has risen above its competition with a brand aesthetic that is constantly injecting life into itself.

Some flavors have come and gone, like Perform (lemon-lime) and Tranquilo (tamarind-pineapple), but that's just par for the course with a brand that's always expanding its range of beverages. Vitaminwater is now has quite a few active flavors, ranging from longtime favorites like Power-C and Revive to newcomers such as Gutsy and Look.

With a wide array of flavors and add-ins, Vitaminwater remains one of the more diverse sports drinks available today. With a collection of tastes competing with Gatorade, BodyArmor, and Propel, Vitaminwater has something for almost every palate. But which of its flavors are worth your time? Here's our ranking of the current Vitaminwater flavors available for purchase.

15. Gutsy

One of the newer products in Vitaminwater's repertoire, Gutsy is the brand's watermelon-peach flavor. Introduced in spring 2021, Gutsy is a part of Vitaminwater's extensive zero sugar lineup. The drink contains 5 grams of prebiotic fiber purported to improve gut health. It's also the reason for the bottle's namesake. How it took 21 years for a watermelon flavor to stick is unknown, but it's nice to see the popular fruit find a home with Vitaminwater.

However new it is, Gutsy is currently one of the weakest Vitaminwater flavors. It's much heavier on the watermelon than the peach, and its watered-down taste negates the potential of a superpowered, fruit-flavored concoction. Like any of Vitaminwater's zero sugar options, it's also got an artificial aftertaste that can be offputting.

Still, even the worst Vitaminwater flavor is better than a lot of Gatorade's zero sugar options. Plus, Gutsy hasn't been around for very long, so there's ample time for it to climb higher on the Vitaminwater food chain, especially as the company continues rolling out new products. 

14. Reset

The Vitaminwater Reset flavor comes in a pretty package, with the drink's yellow color complimenting its teal and white label perfectly. The flavor, however, doesn't stack up with the looks, as the combination of pineapple and coconut aren't tremendously copacetic. This is one of Vitaminwater's weaker options, especially considering it's another zero sugar entry. Moreover, pineapple has long been a polarizing ingredient, so the fanbase for Vitaminwater Reset might be the most divided of the flavors on this whole list.

The pineapple component is high in important vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B, and potassium, while the coconut is there for flavor. Sadly, much like Gutsy, Reset is a one-trick pony. The pineapple flavor is much more powerful than the coconut, but that doesn't make it a bad drink. It's actually delicious ... so long as pineapple is a flavor you already love. 

Vitaminwater Reset likely isn't the most beloved flavor, but it's remained a staple since its 2017 release. What puts Reset so low is its weak, undynamic flavor.

13. Rise

One of the few Vitaminwater drinks that isn't a combination of flavors, Rise solely consists of an abundant, rich orange. Though Rise is positioned in the bottom half of the list, it's one of the better orange-flavored sports drinks on grocery shelves. It doesn't taste nearly as artificial as other products, but it's not exactly electrifying. Part of Vitaminwater's allure comes from its funky flavor combinations, so Rise just doesn't stand out.

Rise has been around for awhile and is now one of the classic Vitaminwater zero sugar flavors. It's heavy on vitamin C, carrying a whopping 250% daily value of the stuff (via Vitaminwater). Pair that with 25% of your daily value of zinc, and you may get a great immunity boost. The taste is one of the most authentic orange juice copycats at grocery stores today. On top of that, it's a great post-exercise beverage. All told, Rise is a Vitaminwater bedrock, but the simplicity of its flavor doesn't pack the same kind of pizzazz as other entries on this list.

12. Go-Go

Vitaminwater's Go-Go flavor is soemthing like a tasty oasis in a bottle. Working against it however, are the 11 other flavors in the Vitaminwater lineup that are much better. With a mixed berry flavor that's run-of-the-mill, Go-Go's potential is squandered simply because every other sports drink brand has a similar product. Go-Go is simply unable to separate itself from the pack.

Though it's high in vitamins C, B5, B6, and B12, Go-Go remains a middle-of-the-road Vitaminwater drink. It has the same essentials as most of the other flavors while not being as exciting. It clocks in above Rise, however, because the mixed berry flavor is much more versatile than standard orange. Vitaminwater varieties are known to stand out thanks to relatively unique flavor pairings, but Go-Go isn't one of them. It misses the mark and tastes like a less exciting version of every other major market sports drink brand.

11. Revive

If you're going to be a sports drink brand, you might as well have a fruit punch flavor in your stable. Vitaminwater heeded the call with Revive. It's a simple flavor, but it maximizes on a delicious recipe of electrolytes, potassium, and vitamin B. Like many Vitaminwater drinks, Revive is meant to boost liver function with choline, a nutrient that also helps brain function, as per Cleveland Clinic.

Revive almost tastes homemade, and certainly not like an over-sugared drink you might find in your grocery store's soda aisle. There's nothing watered-down about Revive, either, which puts it miles above other fruit punch brands. And though it is a zero sugar drink, you'd never know the difference between this or a full-sugar version, given how natural the sweetness tastes. Revive isn't the most original flavor Vitaminwater has put out, but that simplicity that elevates the flavor from average to pretty good.

10. Ice

Ice is easily Vitaminwater's slickest drink. With a light blue hue, it's pleasing to look at, especially compared to the rest of the company's flavors. Ice isn't just a pretty bottle, though. It's also one of the most unique flavors that Vitaminwater make, with an offering of cool blueberry and lavender, alongside chamomile and L-theanine as the supporting cast. With a more herbal profile than other Vitaminwater flavors, Ice pairs deliciousness blueberry with floral lavender.

Ice also works in a combination of vitamins B5, B6, and B12 to the mix for a "moment of zen," as it claims. It's one of the best zero sugar options from Vitaminwater, with a much more dynamic flavor than other blue sports drinks. Ice will hydrate you out while also mellowing and quenching your thirst. The crisp coolness of Ice makes it a particularly refreshing beverage worth buying, so long as you're okay with a somewhat unique herbal tinge to the proceedings.

9. Focus

The combination of kiwi and strawberry is almost always a winning combination. Vitaminwater Focus is no different. Stacked up against its contemporaries, Focus stands on its own and delivers a truly unique blend of fruit heavyweights. Where other "classic" Vitaminwater flavors are sometimes bogged down by the water part of the deal, Focus zeroes in on the richness of vitamins and the natural ingredients it packs into every bottle.

Made with vitamins B5, B6, and B12, the real winning ingredient of Focus is guarana, a plant extract that may boost energy and sharpen memory (via Healthline). This is Vitaminwater's closest thing to a bonafide energy drink but without any inorganic stimulants, and the results are pretty impressive. 

It's true that kiwi-strawberry is not the flashiest flavor in the Vitaminwater canon, but it's reliable and delicious. Plus, the abundance of B-vitamins is a good source of nervous system support. It's hard to go wrong with Focus, as it'll always give you a tasteful experience while not overloading your palate.

8. Look

Look is not the prettiest bottle on the Vitaminwater shelf, as its deep, dark purple color might remind you of a plum or an eggplant. Its taste, however, is a much different story. With its combination of blueberry and hibiscus, Look comes out as the better of the two Vitaminwater blueberry flavors. Given that a bottle is also rich in vitamins, you'll get a bottle of good stuff every time.

If you're skeptical of herbal flavorings, Look may make you raise an eyebrow, as Vitaminwater likes pairing its blueberry flavor with floral accents. Here, Vitaminwater has opted for a noticeable hibiscus presence. The result is flavorful and hydrating with powerful botanical notes, especially compared to the more muted Ice flavor. If you're a fan of something that's more noticeably floral, then Look is the prime Vitaminwater to get. All told, Look is a new flavor that stands tall amongst its weathered and tested contemporaries.

7. Essential

Vitaminwater Essential is a lot like the orange-flavored Rich, but pumped up to the absolute max. The double orange in the title is no mistake. The product is incredibly orange, from the color of the drink to the label on the bottle. Yet, If you're looking for a Vitaminwater flavor that's a bit more daring than a rudimentary orange, Essential might not be the drink for you. That said, its consistency makes it a reliable choice every time.

What makes Essential much more palatable than Rich is its sweetness. In fact, this might be the sweetest Vitaminwater you can get. It has notes of your typical breakfast orange juice, though that sugar nature teeters on the verge of Hi-C territory. Like Rise, Essential has 250% of your daily value of vitamin C, along with 25% your daily value of zinc (via Vitaminwater). Through and through, Essential is simplicity with finesse and, for many, the stuff of citrus dreams.

6. Refresh

The only Vitaminwater flavor championed for serious rehydration, Refresh is a subtle flavor that works well by not overpowering your tastebuds. That is a true milestone, given how dynamic or just overpowering mango can be in other drinks. None of Vitaminwater's competition appears to sell a tropical mango flavor, so it looks as if Refresh has cornered that market. Even if there were peers to rank it against, it's a good bet that Refresh would still take home the top prize. It's just that good of a mango drink, thanks largely to a flavor that sticks with you. It's certainly easier than cutting open a fresh mango.

Filled aplenty with electrolytes and vitamins B5, B6, and B12, Refresh is also a good source of potassium, which helps keep your blood pressure down and counteract the sodium in your body (via CDC). 

As for flavor, Refresh is mild but delicious. The taste is worth the price alone, and its hydration power is on-par with that of Look. If you've just finished a game or a work out, Refresh could be just the thing as long as you're not hoping for a more powerful mango flavor.

5. Shine

Shine is an absolute classic Vitaminwater flavor that is recognizable anywhere with its eyecatching pink drink and the yellow and white label. Even better, out of all of the zero sugar options, this is the best by a wide margin. What keeps it from the top spot, however, is its aftertaste, which has notes of artificial sweetener like many of the other zero sugar drinks put out by Vitaminwater.

Much like Squeezed, Shine is a lemonade flavor, though it gains bonus points for adding strawberry to the mix. In fact, Shine is the best pink-colored flavor that Vitaminwater has to offer, clearing the Focus kiwi-strawberry variety with ease. Shine maintains a distinct and immense flavor while also providing a dose of biotin, which may help promote the growth of healthy hair and nails (via Cleveland Clinic).

When it comes to flavor, Shine is much better than other strawberry lemonade brands and comes without all of the sugar. It's still not the best Vitaminwater flavor, but it remains unique and delicious.

4. Energy

Bright orange from top to bottom, Vitaminwater Energy is a terrific blend of tropical citrus. It stands far apart from its close contemporaries, like Rise and Essential with a flavor that is delectable and not too over-the-top. It can be easy to go heavy on the tart citrus, but Energy strikes up a perfect balance between taste and performance.

Energy is the only Vitaminwater with caffeine in it — 60mg, to be precise. Combined with a plethora of B-vitamins, drinking 20 ounces of this will probably put you as far away from a nap as possible. It's a juice parading as a thirst quencher with the pick-me-up of an energy drink. The ingredients list also contains guarana, a plant extract that may help boost energy (via PLoS ONE).

Not nearly as sweet as Vitaminwater's other orange drinks, Energy leans much harder on the citrus part of it all. The drink is made with stevia leaf extract with a sweetness that hits your taste buds with a great natural aura.

3. Power-C

Like Energy, Power-C is one of the oldest Vitaminwater flavors around. Power-C is a unique drink that's a proven winner for many customers, with the addition of dragonfruit helping it to stand out from the pack. It's also the only Vitaminwater that is, without a doubt, better than its zero sugar counterpart.

The selling point for Power-C is its 200% daily value of vitamin C. Though its vitamin C stats aren't quite as staggering as that of Rise and Essential, Power-C is the most tasty of that group. Its dragonfruit flavor is not at all overpowering and even has some herbal undertones, though it contains zero floral ingredients. The drink carries 25% of your daily value of zinc and a hefty dose of B-vitamins, while its inclusion of taurine is potentially good for heart and brain health, as per Healthline.

Held up against other Vitaminwater heavyweights, Power-C convincingly holds its own. It would probably take the top spot if the flavor was a smidge more dynamic, since it's not as richly fruity as a few other Vitaminwater flavors. It's an impressive entry nonetheless.

2. XXX

Vitaminwater went all out when it created its XXX flavor, which very nearly reigns supreme over all other Vitaminwater products. Its açaí-blueberry-pomegranate alchemy is, without a doubt, the most unique flavor on this list. It also gains bonus points for being delicious.

As per Vitaminwater, XXX is built to fight free radicals damaging cells with a hefty combination of vitamin A, vitamin C, and selenium. It's easily the most dynamic beverage the company makes, good for a post-workout thirst or any meal. It's got a richness that rivals that of Gatorade products, but with a much more natural taste, especially amongst the zero sugar pack.

The drink tastes splendid and stands far, far apart from other sports drink brands. Vitaminwater doesn't often get flashy, preferring to play it cool with subtle flavors that offer unique experiences. But, with XXX, Vitaminwater plays with some stronger tastes and succeeds to a high degree.

1. Squeezed

No flavor of Vitaminwater is bad, but the taste of Squeezed is the work of a company that has mastered the art of deliciousness. Imagine lemonade without the tart, and you'll get the power of Squeezed. There aren't many sports drink brands that can claim to have a zero sugar flavor as their absolute best across the board, but Vitaminwater is a welcome anomaly.

An electric tornado of flavor, Squeezed is high in seven vitamins and two minerals. Selenium is in there, too, which is great for protecting against cell damage and fighting infection (via Harvard School of Public Health). It also contains zinc, which helps boost immune systems, as per the Harvard School of Public Health

The vitamins and minerals are certainly welcome, but the main event here is the flavor. Without the sweetener aftertaste of Shine, Squeezed runs circles around its lemonade counterpart. It's not overdone by any complicated flavor combinations or flashy bottle aesthetics, either. Instead, it's a subtle lemonade drink with a delicious taste that goes miles beyond the norm. There's a lot of strong competition out there, but Squeezed remains unmoved at the top of the heap.