The Simple Butter Swap For More Delicate Biscuits

Fluffy, airy biscuits are one of the best foods because not only are they delicious, but they can be served as a breakfast food, made into a sausage, egg, and biscuit sandwich or they can be served as-is, with butter and honey. These doughy balls are great for dipping in gravy or tomato sauce too, but their possibilities don't stop there, because biscuits can also be used as a side dish for dinners, or even eaten as a quick afternoon snack.

Of course, you can get decent biscuits from a can, but for the best biscuits, you should make them yourself. There are a lot of great homemade biscuit recipes to be found, and one of the most popular of those would be buttermilk biscuits, because they are fluffy and soft, inside, with a slight crispiness outside. The downside, though, is that they can be time-consuming to make. If you are looking for a biscuit recipe that doesn't take too much time, but still has the texture you want, you should swap out the butter in the recipe for another simple ingredient.

Cream biscuits are great for beginners

So what is this ingredient that can make biscuits faster and easier to make? Heavy whipping cream. Rather than using butter, which can take a bit to melt and mix, then can make baking times longer, heavy whipping cream makes a type of biscuit that is much like buttermilk biscuits, with a crunchy outside and a pillowy inside. But cream biscuits are great for beginners because they are so easy to make — and they bake fast! Many recipes, like this one from Food Network, claim that cream biscuits bake within 15 minutes, making them a great weeknight treat. 

Since you make them with cream and not butter, they don't last as long as other biscuits, so they should be eaten immediately, according to The Kitchn. They are great to pair with soups, or even to be eaten as a dessert topped with jam, because they have a slightly sweet taste, thanks to the cream.

Cream biscuit alternatives

Cream biscuits are basically a foolproof way to make biscuits because they are so simple. There are some recipes that call for only flour or biscuit mix and cream, like this one from Martha White Baking, and even the ones with more ingredients aren't too time-consuming.

But you should keep in mind that heavy cream can be high in calories and fat, so Healthline has offered alternatives to using cream for your biscuit recipes, such as half-and-half and butter, yogurt and milk, and even cottage cheese. If you are following a vegan lifestyle, you can swap the butter and creams for soy milk and olive oil or silken tofu and almond milk. If you use one of these alternatives, though, it will change the preparation and baking times. If you want to keep your biscuit recipe quick and easy, heavy cream is your best bet for whipping up a batch of biscuits for breakfast, dessert, or dinner in no time.