Why Rosemary Is One Of The Best Herb Pairings For Lamb

If you're burnt out on chicken and steak but need a filling meal that the whole family will love, lamb is an excellent choice. Lamb is the meat of young sheep, and because these animals tend to live a high-quality life prior to hitting the market and yield less meat than pork or beef, lamb is often expensive, explains Price of Meat. Its priciness, as well as its hearty, robust, and downright crave-worthy flavor, may make lamb a special-occasion meal for many families. Not only is it tasty, but it's also versatile; lamb can be processed into a burger, roasted as a leg of lamb, or even slow-cooked for a pot roast.

According to Nutrition Insider, grass-fed lamb is one of the healthiest red meats available thanks to its nutritious makeup of protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fats, which are believed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Like beef, pork, chicken, and other popular meats, lamb tastes best when well seasoned and paired with aromatic herbs. But which herb is best at enhancing the delectable flavor of lamb? While there are many great choices, rosemary can transform your lamb dish into an unforgettable meal.

Bold rosemary matches the strong flavor of lamb

If you're preparing a tender rack of lamb, you don't need much to round it out. Simple ingredients like garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper can take a rack of lamb from zero to 100 in just a few steps. Adding rosemary to the mix adds extra flair to the meat, enriching its natural flavor while adding a smoky, earthy aroma to it. If you've noticed a ton of lamb recipes featuring the woody herb, there's a good reason for the tradition: According to the Detroit Free Press, rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region, where lamb is a very popular protein. Better yet, lamb is notoriously gamey and bold in taste, and unlike more delicate herbs, rosemary has a strong enough flavor to stand up to the meat. Marinate your lamb with a mixture of rosemary and other flavorings, and you'll be able to taste the powerful herb even after a long roast in the oven.

Once you're stuffed to the brim with that tender rack of lamb, have no fear; rosemary is thought to aid in the digestion process, helping you get back on your feet after a big meal, per Healthline. Plus, according to Medical News Today, rosemary can increase immune support and improve memory and focus, giving you plenty more reasons to enjoy it with your next lamb dish.