Daily Meal's Exclusive Survey Uncovers The Type Of Canned Cocktail People Are Most Likely To Skip

While mixing up a refreshing Moscow mule is an appealing way to start the weekend for some, convenience still reigns king in a busy world. That mentality has one part of the drink market thriving for its accessibility and ease. We're talking about the world of ready-to-drink cocktails, a business that has been ballooning in size in recent years. Per 'Merican Mule, a big part of that jump in popularity comes from the pandemic, a time which prevented us from being able to go for a drink in a bar. Now, you can just grab that same cocktail off the shelf of your local supermarket. 

According to Grand View Research, the value of the canned cocktail market was worth more than $728 million in 2021, and the growth isn't stopping there. Projections expect that number to continue to rise for the next ten years at least. With the burgeoning popularity of canned cocktails, we started to wonder which type of drink it is that people like best. So we conducted a survey to find out. From a Negroni to an old-fashioned, which canned cocktail do some consumers call their favorite?

It's gin and tonic for the win

According to a survey of 604 Americans, a gin and tonic is the type of canned cocktail people are most likely to sip on. The iconic beverage snagged 24.50% of the vote, proving that sometimes a simple, refreshing choice is all you need. After all, with its bright, citrusy flavors, we can see why it trumped the competition. Coming in second for a favorite canned cocktail is a close cousin of the winning drink, the vodka soda. With 18.71% of voters calling it their canned cocktail of choice, this drink only requires two ingredients to whip up (per The New York Times). So once again, it seems that simplicity reigns supreme. 

Next, with 17.72% of people calling this drink the best of the bunch, we have the piña colada. The classic rum and coconut combo can bring that special tropical vibe to any evening, and now all with the flip of a tab. Special shoutout to barman Ramon "Monchito" Marrero for inventing this one back in the '50s (per Liquor.com). 

Some other contenders for best-canned cocktail included hard tea with 16.23% of people choosing it as their fave, the always-classic choice of a margarita with 14.74% of the vote, and a sweet mojito with 8.11%. Which one should we sip on next?