Disney Springs' Wagyu Beef Certification Left TikTok In Tears

Fine dining restaurants offer a variety of high-end steak options. Wagyu beef, for instance, is made from a Japanese cattle breed that's certified by the quality of the cut of meat. It's reportedly healthier than other types of beef and features a tender mouthfeel. One TikTok user was reminded in a shocking way exactly what Wagyu beef is — and they found out exactly where their meal came from.

TikTok user @adderallthrawn posted a video on December 10 from the Morimoto Asia restaurant in Florida's Disney Springs. According to the video, one of the members of their group ordered Wagyu beef. As per its menu, the restaurant uses A5 Wagyu beef, the highest quality given during the certification process. 

Along with the dish, the party was presented with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate not only proved that the beef was certified A5 Wagyu but also provided details about the cow it came from.

The Wagyu certificate was very detailed

According to @adderallthrawn's December 10 TikTok video about their visit to Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs, the cow's name was Shino, and he was born on May 7, 2020. In addition to information about the steer, the Wagyu beef certificate also featured an imprint of the cow's nose in ink, which one commenter dubbed the "last boop." 

Some commenters were horrified by the realization of where the food came from, with one person saying, "Disney serving a little trauma with every dish." Another said, "That's one way to convince people to go vegan." The original poster used the hashtag "#leftcauseiwascryinginfrontofthemanager."

However, not everyone was traumatized by the certificate. One person commented, "Ok, but they took specific care of him enough to name and keep track of him. I mean, I'd cry too, but that's kind of wholesome." Another person said, "honestly I kinda like that they're honoring the steer for his sacrifice for our nourishment."