Daily Meal Asks: Which Type Of Bread Goes Best With Soup? - Exclusive Survey

Some people like to designate "soup season" to the fall and winter months. But in truth, there isn't a single time of year that doesn't call for a bowl of what Merriam-Webster broadly defines as "a liquid food." 

A springtime farmers market haul might be grounds for a lemony purée of asparagus and leeks. In the summer, it might be a refreshing gazpacho blitzed up from the remains of your panzanella salad, or perhaps a warm corn chowder or tomato soup for those unseasonably chilly days. In the fall, squash and sweet potato soup recipes reign supreme. 

Winter makes way for simmering pots of the heartiest, coziest concoctions of them all, whether it's classic chicken noodle soup or clam chowder, restorative Ukrainian borscht, or robust boeuf bourguignon. Most people prefer to have a spoon in hand, but a hunk of bread is an equally important utensil to pair with soup or stew. We asked Daily Meal readers which kind they prefer for dipping.  

From sourdough to focaccia

In an exclusive survey composed of 601 respondents, 34.11% of Daily Meal readers said French bread is the absolute best option for soup-dunking. The taste and aroma of a classic French baguette is milder than a sourdough, which might be why readers prefer it more than a distinctive loaf. The next time you're making soup, you may want to make a stop at the boulangerie first.

Daily Meal readers also revealed that their pantries may or may not be stocked with sourdough starters. Nearly 27% voted for the crusty, slightly tangy bread, putting it in second place. The ranking isn't surprising. Sourdough is structured enough to stand up to a nice long soup bath, but not so dense that it takes away from the flavors of the soup. Garlic bread came in third, bringing in 23.46% of votes. We imagine the strong flavors of this particular bread would make it a competing star — as opposed to a supporting role — in a movie about soup. This might fly if you're taking a sick-day dose of garlic broth or consommé, but not a more complex soup. 

Cornbread came in second-to-last with 10.32%. If this were a survey about the best bread for chili, we have no doubt the sweet, muffin-like baked good would have ranked higher. Still, cornbread beat focaccia, which only brought in 5.32% of votes. Perhaps readers prefer to savor the fluffy, oil-rich bread by itself.