Red Robin's New Holiday Shake Features Peppermint And Oreos

This year, you might not see holiday snow, but you can definitely get holiday ice cream — which is just as cold, but a much sweeter treat. And after Dairy Queen revealed it's adding a sugar cookie-inspired blizzard to its menu, Red Robin has announced in a December 8 press release that it's curing your case of holiday humbugs by debuting a brand-new shake.

The chain that makes customers sing "yum" has brought holiday-inspired ice cream to its array of classic and "monster" milkshake flavors in the past. But while the now-retired gingerbread milkshake was beloved thanks to its nostalgic flavor and, least we forget, the adorable gingerbread cookie sitting on top of its whipped cream (per Chew Boom), in 2022, Red Robin wants to mix things up.

For its new seasonal treat, the brand is putting the subtle spice of gingerbread behind it and focusing on another holiday classic: candy canes. But a simple peppermint-inspired ice cream wasn't enough for Red Robin's holiday tastes. The company also threw Oreos into its holiday sweet.

The new shake is a spin on classic holiday flavors

According to a December 8 press release, Red Robin's Oreo peppermint crunch milkshake is composed of vanilla ice cream blended with milk, Oreo pieces, and peppermint morsels and finished off with crushed Oreo and peppermint-dusted whipped cream.

Thanks to its combo of chocolate and peppermint, it may seem like the milkshake was inspired by peppermint bark. However, the resemblance to the classic holiday treat appears to have been a happy accident. As the press release notes, this seasonal sweet came about when Red Robin decided that after its Oreo shake (which features chocolate combined with Oreo pieces, per its website) proved to be a hit with customers, the ice cream deserved a holiday makeover.

The Oreo and peppermint crunch milkshake is listed on Red Robin's website for $7.49, the same price as its non-seasonal counterpart. However, unlike the original Oreo shake, this peppermint treat will only last as long as the holidays. But while this candy cane-like shake is only a temporary dessert, the press release notes that Red Robin also offers sweets that call the chain home all year. So when the Oreo peppermint crunch milkshake disappears, you can snack on desserts such as the half-donut, half-croissant sugar doh!rings to keep your sugar cravings satiated until the seasonal shake (hopefully) makes its way back onto Red Robin's menu in 2023.