Daily Meal Survey: What Is Your Favorite Topping To Add To Your Burger?

Burgers are one of the most easily customizable foods. While a ground beef patty is the classic choice, those following a plant-based diet can enjoy non-meat options, like a black bean burger or the Impossible burger (per Economist Impact). The most commonly used buns for hamburgers are fluffy, white bread or potato buns, but you may want to shake it up with a pretzel bun or brioche bun — or even a ramen noodle bun if you're feeling adventurous.

Of course, when it comes to making the perfect burger, toppings only add to the fun. Some might feel strongly about what kind of cheese should be added to a cheeseburger. Whether you like to shake it up with every order, or you prefer to stick to your go-to toppings, most people know what they do and don't like on their burgers. In an exclusive survey, Daily Meal asked people to vote on what their favorite burger topping was, and more than 600 readers responded.

People prefer this topping the most

Among 604 people, the ideal choice of burger topping is a popular breakfast food. Bacon claimed a total of 29.14% of the vote. Over 1/5 — or 21.19%, to be exact — of the survey's respondents like a little extra flavor depth in the form of onions. Following close behind, in third place, pickles won over 18.38% of voters.

Tomatoes took only 15.07% of the vote. While some people might still like a tomato flavor, it may be easier to add some ketchup to the food instead of slicing tomatoes. 11.26% of people chose a classic topping: lettuce. Though it may not add too much in way of flavor, the crunch of perfectly crispy lettuce leaves can add some extra texture.

In last place, with only 4.97% of the votes, is the egg. Though bacon may have claimed the top spot, this other breakfast item fell flat when it came to voter favor. Some diners may enjoy a burger for brunch (per Food Network), but for most, a burger may just be too much of a lunchtime food for many to enjoy with this breakfast staple topping.

The burger's origin is a mystery

While it might be a classic American food, the invention of the hamburger is contested, according to The Washington Post. One restaurant in Connecticut claims to have invented it in 1900 when a customer was given steak trimmings between two slices of toast for an on-the-go lunch. However, "hamburger steak sandwiches" were already being served in Texas by 1894. There may not even be one clear inventor. The article reports that beef patties were typically served at restaurants alongside bread, so the invention may have been a natural progression.

Whatever the origin, it is clearly a popular food — SWNS Digital reports that the average American citizen eats roughly 60 burgers per year, with almost a quarter (23%) of the survey's respondents stating that they like to customize their own meals. When cooking burgers at home, once you've decided on what toppings you want to add to your ideal burger, there are more than a few ways to upgrade the meal. You might even try adding some of those toppings to the middle of your burger patty for some extra flavor in every bite.