You Can Drink Starbucks Espresso Martinis In The Empire State Building

Some Starbucks fans may want to head to Seattle to indulge their love of the coffee giant. But a new east coast location is giving the company's home base a run for its money. In November, Starbucks opened a massive three-level Starbucks Reserve location inside one of the world's most famous buildings: the Empire State Building.

The location includes 23,000 square feet that go well beyond a typical Starbucks cafe. Along with serving fans' favorite drinks, the location features a full menu with food from Italian bakery Pinci, an assortment of coffee-centered experiences, and a cocktail menu with drinks inspired by Starbucks coffee. Other restaurants in NYC have mixed coffee and cocktails before, but not quite like this. The cocktail menu includes the mandatory espresso martini, made with the location-exclusive Starbucks Reserve Empire State Building Microblend coffee. But it also includes an espresso martini flight, which features three different infused liqueurs, as well as a comparison flight that lets you compare Starbucks' whiskey barrel-aged cold brew with Knob Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

The entire interior is also decked out in honor of the legendary building it resides in. All three levels of the Starbucks Reserve are decorated with industrial art deco designs that pay tribute to the Empire State Building's legacy and iconic design.

Espresso martinis are just the beginning

Each floor of the Empire State Building Starbucks Reserve was designed with a specific experience in mind. The first floor is the closest thing to a typical Starbucks experience you'll find in this location. Thrillist describes the space as "a high-end take on your typical neighborhood Starbucks cafe." It features a full cafe menu with to-go food, unique coffee drinks, and standard menu items. The first floor also features a shop with artist-inspired merchandise and a seasonal rotation of whole-bean coffees.

The second floor is where customers can enjoy the full restaurant and bar, with cocktails and a menu designed by Italian bakery Pinci. Starbucks says every meal at the restaurant starts with a tasting of its Empire State Building microblend coffee. The floor also hosts a private event space.

The lower Concourse Level features meeting rooms, the "experience lounge," Starbucks Reserve Coffee Workshops, and the "innovation bar," where visitors can sample the brand's latest brewing technique: cold-pressed espresso. This technique uses cold water and upward pressure to create a sweeter, smoother espresso shot, similar to Starbucks' traditional cold brew